Age 33 – Best sex I’ve ever had in my entire life

Over the last month, I have met and grown very close to a woman, for the first time in a very very long time. I started nofap about two weeks before meeting her. The first night we slept together, we made the decision to wait to have sex.

I was the one who suggested it, as I wanted to really feel a connection and have feelings for her before bringing sex into play. I didn’t want it just to be “need to get off”, because that is the very reason I started the no fap challenge to begin with, to stop being a slave to the release.

So we got to know each other, went out on many dates, multiple dates per week, spending a lot of time together, and both started feeling closer to each other and genuinely enjoying each other’s company. We clicked.

Tonight was her birthday. We went to a concert together, I got us a hotel room (concert was 3 hours from our hometown), we want out and had a lovely dinner together. It was a really great night all around.

And once we got back to the hotel and settled in a bit, we started to get a little into it, as then a lot into it. And then it happened. We started to make love. And I use this term not as a hokey phrase, I truly mean that we made love together. Not since my last real girlfriend a decade ago have I felt this kind of true connection while having sex with someone. I saw her fully, completely, in all her beauty. Her mind, her soul, her body, all of her. It was honestly some of the best sex I’ve ever had in my entire life. I feel like we have truly taken out relationship to another, far more intimate level.

And I owe this ALL to deciding to stop this terrible habit we are all trying to kick. I have never felt more confident and more comfortable with a woman than i did tonight with her. Having sex was a source of great anxiety for me for a very long time, partially due to PIED, and lots of confidence and self esteem issues. There was absolutely none of that tonight. None. It was a glorious return to a part of myself that I thought I had lost forever.

Don’t give up, my friends. Do not give in. I’m not going to say that what is happening to me right now will definitely happen to you, and I’m not saying this stuff to brag and say “look at how much better I’m doing than you”, I’m sharing this story to inspire and motivate all of you to keep at it. It will yield positive results if you stick with it, whatever those results may be.

Now, excuse me while I roll over and fall asleep next to this gorgeous woman sleeping next to me. (Sorry have to brag a little 😉 )

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by faster_than_sound