Age 33 – ED: 100 days to succesful sex (2nd reboot)

Hello everybody, I have decided to rewrite my story in this section, to motivate others in the “Success Stories”.

My story here: I’m 33 years old, French. I was watching porn since 2005, and had PIED problems since 2008. After a first reboot in 2009 i was cured. But in August 2013, PIED problems came to me, because relapses in porn, porn fantasies for several years.

I found YBP in August 2013, and i decided to reboot the September 5th. So since this day, i was 100 days NO PM, and 76 days no Orgasm (with my ex GF, and successful sex).

_ But Saturday night, this ex GF invited me to come in her house. We kissed ourself, been intimate, cuddling… And she asked me to penetrate her. No need of blowjob or manual stimulation. So my dick was very hard, and i successfully penetrate her. Even when i was licking her pussy, i was hard. She arrived to her orgasm. :D

_ Sunday, yesterday, she came at home. Other successfull sex with her. More rock, more confident, a hard rock penetration! No need of blowjob or manual stimulation, even when i was licking her for 5 minutes my sex was hard.

_Today, she came at home, and other successful sex. When we kissed our self, my erection was beautiful, then i could penetrate without any problem, my sex was very hard and i penetrated her for ten minutes. But i wanted to do more, so i bring her to the bedroom (no penetration during this time) in my arms (i practice crossfit), but bringing her in the bedroom (not easy to open doors in the house  ;D), my erection has declined.

So I needed a blowjob to have an erection. Then 15 minutes of penetration (slowly) and she arrived to orgasms. Then a blowjob to orgasm for me. :D :D :D

But I have 4 questions please to Gary or Gabe, or TheUnderdog, and others who had successfully cured.

1_ Why this declination of my erection when i brought her in the bedroom? Is it a sign of incorrect reboot ? Have i rebooted too fast? Or is it just normal, and it will improve with time.

2_ Gary said that sex is the cure. I’m agree with him, but in my context, is it correct?

3_ Is it good to have sex 3 days, day after day?! Have i to stop rewiring with sex to give myself a rest, or have i to continue to rewire (having sex) to cure PIED?!

4_ Last question: having sex with a Known girl (ex GF for 5 years) is it more easy than with a new girl?

Thanks a lot !