Age 33 – ED: Sex improved tremendously. From being a maybe one time guy, to a 4 time guy.

I’m in my early 30’s and without bragging i had my fair share of women in my life. I feel like i needed to post this too since it might make this post more relevant to some of you.

I pretty much began this journey because i wanted to change the way i looked at sex. I was addicted to porn in the past and during my life i got to a point where i started having some ED problems. It would not always be the case, but occasionally i had problems keeping it up. It happened with more than one girl (all of them being pretty good looking), and i really started panicking. This problem would come and go[either not getting hard or just going soft after a while], but just the thought of it happening again was having negative effects on my psyche.

My PMO used to be on a daily basis, and like most people here i would do that sometimes for hours at a time just in search of the perfect video and i was doing this a few times a day. Realizing that maybe the sex problems and porn might be connected i decided to stop it last year. I managed to get away from it for most of the year and then i binged toward the end of it[just a relapse of a week or so, and it started with me looking over porn stars photos]. During this time i still continued to MO. In this time i had gotten back together with one of my ex’s and my libido although still being very low i did not have the problems anymore [the anxiety of it happening was still there though], but i did not considered it cured though.

Fast forward a few months and somehow i stumbled upon the TED ED talks of the Demise of Guys and also this subreddit. I realized this might be my answer so i stopped MO right then and there. It was damn hard, specially since by this time i was alone and i was doing it hard mode. First 2-3 weeks were the hardest, i’d say and if you can clear these you’re pretty much set. However, i did not get to do it hard mode all the way, i got back together with the same ex and now i am seeing someone else. Libido went up a lot, however i did happen to be in the so called flatline when i was wondering if everything was still alright (30 days in, 60-80 days in) and everything was alright :).

Sex improved tremendously. From being a maybe one time guy, i went up to being a 4 time guy. Not MOing did not make me cum faster, i last for 15-20 minutes no problem(with or without condoms) and i enjoy every little bit of it (before it used to be a chore and just something i had to do).

I can say that right now i feel better than what i felt like when i was 18. I did not change anything, i have been eating the same and exercising the same (5-6 times a week) for the last few years. The only thing i changed was not MOing.

I just have to say, i don’t know how hard it would have been staying monk mode all the way, but i did not have to. Because of my “blue balls” i took action and got with 2 different girls. I don’t know if these super powers exists, I’ve been super confident though and have more energy, but i can’t credit this just to stopping PMO and MO.

Anyway guys, if you have any sex problems just stop this PMO/MO bs, get with a real woman and experience sex as it should be experienced. It did wonders for me and maybe it will be the same for you.

LINK – 90 day report

by Datwatshesaid