Age 33 – Erections recovering after 100+ days


Been 109 days today only really started seeing improvement around day 93 I went a few days with morning wood every day which is unusual. In all
this time I had not tested my erection but yesterday in the shower I started thinking about a girl I find attractive and my erection was so hard it was almost going straight  up. As I tested in the morning I thought I would try at night and the same thing,rock hard.

I just wanted to say this as for me it was disheartening seeing all the “20 days and I am a new man” posts and nothing was happening to me.

Will post back when I test out with a girl. Also noticed that my penis is bigger when flaccid no longer shriveled up it hangs quite big now 🙂

I’m 33. Appears like I am ready. Benefits are starting to show like increased confidence better with girls. However for the first 90 days was just up and down with no real benefit. So hopefully next month or so should be able to report back with some more benefits.