Age 33 – HOCD, PIED, PE improved 3-4 months in


I’m 33, I was addicted from 20 or so, it really escalated in my thirties. I also developed HOCD and suffered from PIED and PE. During my reboot, I flatlined really hard, it almost destroyed my marriage. Things got better after 3-4 months in my reboot.

As for the benefits, I have more self esteem, confidence, energy and I’m also more social, of course HOCD, PIED and PE are also totally gone thank god.

HOCD ended once flatline started and never returned. PIED and PE slowly receded after I kickstarted my libido after month 3 by having sex with my wife and masturbating without porn and fantasy once a week. Erections now are rock solid and PE is gone too.

I just realized I’m on a streak, fishing in my memory I found that I haven’t PMO for 7 months. I forgot about porn and this page, I was busy living my life.

Small encouragement for everyone out there, you won’t have to fight this urge forever, one day you’ll also find out that you are on a streak you completely forgot about.

LINK – I forgot that I’m on a streak

By kulik242