Age 33 – Much better – emotionally, spiritually physically

One year ago I didn’t know that I had a problem… Let me tell you I had serious ones! I thought it was common and totally fine, to PMO every day. I was so wrong…

Stopping PMO has been a journey through hell and back! I’ve come here to read almost every day to keep motivated. I relapsed many times, i might again!

Me one year ago: I was feeling ill, doctor says nothing wrong. Went to a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine – practitioner) First question he ask, just by looking at me, “how often do you have sex?” When he asked this question something snapped in my head. Went back home, read all I could find about the traditional chines way of looking at men’s sexual energy, and how it’s being wasted through ejaculation. It makes sense to me now, although the concepts are foreign. When something goes out, you lose it. If you waste it too much, you get tired. Eventually you might get serious ill! This “resource” is limited. (one reflection is how often does wild animals have sex and why not more) Anyhow, I’m on my way back, guys! I’ve been through hell. I’m becoming my self again. I love it.

-Life is beautiful now – porn is ugly as fuck -My skills on the guitar rocketed -I do better at work -People respect me I feel, I respect myself -The shame, the guilt is fading away -Over all health, much better – emotionally, spiritually physically. -Dreams are more vivid – still some bad ones but not so much. -My hair looks better – no more rasches WTF? etc. etc. etc -But the main benefit:I have got my life back, i feel as if I’m younger by each day, i’ve got myself back – I’m me again

So much great things have happened to me in this last year. Cant help to think “what would I be today if i realised this earlier”. But its never too late for a change. Im going to start start studying again since I realised, by doing NOFap, and interpreting my dreams, what I want in life!

If you are new to this, remember this: Go to hell – see lucifer in the eye and tell him you are not afraid anymore – then come back here and enjoy life 🙂

Thanks so much. It helps too know when you struggle, that somebody else is too.


The physical benefits are real! I’m sure of it, with or without science. Well actually, me and my GF tried this kind of slower sex and it’s great! We get so much closer and the sex can last for much longer and I don’t have to worry about ED, because that’s not the idea so thats great too! But it’s hard not to O, but hey, im learning. And she’s supportive about it, lucky me. Cheers!

LINK – First post about my new life

by nevermindthepain