Age 33 – PIED cured after 15 years! Bizarre fetishes gone. Wonderful sex.


I’m 33 years old with severe pied and I began the NoFap journey over 2 years ago, and I completed 90 days today, and i want to share my ideas about this wonderful experience

  • This is a very strong addiction, but once you get it around 2 months you’re not addicted anymore, You relapse because you’re just bored.
  • After been cured , i still think porn pleasure is more intense than real sex .
  • i have sex on day 80 , i was able to keep erection for 4 hours, my partner was impressed and satisfied with erection quality and duration, i was able to keep erection in all positions, and give her multiple orgasms, i controlled my orgasm, and keep my streak going, i enjoyed the idea of giving her pleasure, it was better than any self orgasm, at first i was not able to get any erection, but after my partner gave me a lot of direct physical contact and pression on my genitals, it was very easy to keep going.
  • i have pied for 15 years, with zero erection, now i’m completely cured
  • my erection now is based mainly on physical stimulation,intimacy and love, no bizarre fetishes anymore.
  • i thought i have a venous leak because i can’t keep erection in stand up position, but suddenly on day 70 , my brain is activated from it’s flatline.
  • i thought for 2 years that my many 45 days streaks were enough, but unfortunately you can’t be cured until 3 months, you should accept this fact.
  • i have many wet dreams , and morning woods during my reboot, which make it more difficult to resist those urges.
  • I don’t count days anymore, i will never relapse, i enjoy real sex now, and i will not change this for a virtual world, i will not lie to you, i miss porn, but side effects are very bad, i prefer feeling my masculinity and be the one in action, more than watching others having sex.
  • i read some anti-Nofap guys said “Use it or lose it” , but now after 90 days on hard mode i prefer to say “Abuse it and lose it”, there is no quick way for healing than complete hard mode, i didn’t look to any 2d girl for 90 days, even tv shows, i’ve given my brain enough time to go back to natural desire, like our ancestors where there is no internet or TV, your brain will heal itself, and morning woods are enough for erection training,so don’t edge or masturbate.
  • i will tell you also how i knew i’m back to normal, in fact i didn’t and i was very upset about my results, i was able to get erection from physical stimulation, but it will fade out the second i stop, at day 78 i decided to imagine a real sexual situation , and in seconds i was able to have a very intense erection for one hour.
  • So all of you, keep going, and fight, don’t believe all Anti-Nofap articles(in fact i read hundreds of them), you will not believe what a wonderful sex you get when you get there, i didn’t think there is a man who can have erection for hours, i thought the best time will be 20 mins, and here i am, i feel it myself. finally i’m a real man

LINK – 90 Days, completely cured

By pharmacie1801