Age 33 – PIED, PE, anorgasmia: I feel like a man again. I’ve had mind blowing sex.


There is a war for our hearts and minds, and imho, porn has been easily the most destructive force that has been in my life. It has cost me two loves of my life, 95% of my soul, 99% of my confidence, 90% of my cognition, 100% of my dignity, thousands and thousands of dollars, years of intense depression, friends, and it has added inordinate amounts of stress to the people that I love.

I truly hate pornography.

I’m 33 years old and I’ve been addicted to porn and beating off since the days of dial-up AOL internet.

And here is why I love you guys…….reading these stories is like looking into a mirror. Don’t ever let anyone tell us that our intuition is wrong on this. I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life.

Anyways I’ve been doing nofap on and off for a few years. I started when I began to have an entire gamut of sexual problems at age 29: pied, pe, no O without porn images in head, and just no frickin passion!

I’ve had a few streaks (30+), and a few periods of failure. I have by no means been perfect, but I kept the course and have been getting better at nofap/fighting Satan. Keep the course even when you relapse/binge!

Now for the success. I am currently 33 days no Pmo and I feel like a man again. I have gotten into a relationship during this time and have had some of the most mind blowing sex that I’ve ever had. I get raging boners like we all should, and it is so fulfilling to please a woman that cares about you. It’s nice to not have to close my eyes and visualize some stranger. It’s nice to put a woman to bed the proper way. I knew this day was possible with recovery! Thank you so much everyone. You are helping to save my soul!

It took a few nights of non-sexual touching/kissing, as well as a few semi-failures to perform, but the improvement I’ve seen since rewiring with my gf has been nothing short of spectacular. The last few times we’ve had sex I have been in total control. I can control my ejaculate (new to me), I can keep hard for as long as I’d like! I haven’t even been orgasming, yet I wouldn’t trade these experiences for a million bucks.

Other distinct improvements from nofap:

-much more facially attractive
-clear bright eyes
-wit and more wit
-unlimited confidence
-I’ve never had a cold sore since starting nofap(averaged 10+ per year)
-no illnesses
-hair not falling out anymore
-better physique
-more emotionally strong and even keel
-substantially less anxiety
-seeing happiness in other people when they see me happy!
-better skin
-female attention, def a very real thing
-I have a soul again
-smarter by a big margin
-recognition at work
-and on and on

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by skeletor84