Age 33 – Taking on challenges I want: PhD, job I want, piano recital, marathon


I always hated running. But then again, I was a masturbator. I was seeking cheap thrills. Now I’m thinking about hardships and discipline and how can I put more of the weight of the world on my back. The more responsibility the better.

I already meditate, already been eating keto for the last 3 years, 2.5 years of bodyweight fitness, one summer of boxing. Have a job that I want, and in my last year of PhD. I already have a passion project: practicing piano for a recital.

And on top of that I’m thinking about running a marathon this summer? The old me would never do such a thing. But the old me was a masturbator.

Remember the wise and technically correct words of Jordan Peterson: You are much more than you think you are!

I’ve been aware of NoFap benefits for about 2 years now. 40 days NoEdging was my maximum.

I’m 33. I stuttered always but was prominent in puberty and in high school. Least to say I was miserable and not understood. I could not express my self. So I tried to find new ways to express myself: started writing and get more serious with piano.

After that in my twenties I started meditation practice. I experienced benefits but sometimes it didn’t take.

For the last five years I meditate regularly. Even went to 10-day Vipassana retreat.

Then changed my diet. Then started exersizing 3 times a week.

But still I wasn’t satisfied with my productivity.

So the main reason I started NoFap was to energize myself more, and be more productive.

[NoFap] helps with my confidence and acceptance of myself at least. That’s a big deal. My stutter is also correlated with my stress levels. In regular circumstances, no one even notices until I tell them. Toastmasters  also helps for going towards my fear and dealing with anxiety.

LINK – Day 25, I am thinking about running a marathon.

By NowYouMustClimbAlone