Age 34 – 1 year: Became a risk-taker, Can talk to anyone, Feel I can do anything

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When i first discovered [nofap] online [a year ago]… I could not understand its significance, but eventually, I decided to try it because I saw it as a challenge and something new to try.

So, at first, I could not hold longer than a week, but after a while, after few relapses, I could go for 2 months straight, and my maximum was over 6 months… I still do … And there were number of benefits I received which I would like to share with you guys …

1) I felt that I could do anything …

Because i was not feeling guilty or such from within. I knew I was true to myself and that is what actually helped me to believe that I can do anything. Nothing is impossible. It’s just a matter of getting out of my comfort zone, making mistakes, and learning from the feedbacks, and I could, like anyone, achieve anything… well, it will take a lot of time and effort, but it is possible.

2) I could talk with anyone …

Before, I could not make conversation because I was always in my head. I was thinking, “What if they don’t like what I say?” … “Oh, I look so stupid with that line,” … and things like that, but once I developed inner calm and peace from abstaining from not ejaculating, I soon realized that I could talk with anyone without feeling inferior or guilty, because I knew I was not cheating with anyone. My conversations were authentic and I was not trying to swindle anyone… I also improved my conversation skills because I was able to talk to so many different people leading interesting lives and also realize that they were human beings with flaws. So, no more putting them on a pedestal and that was easy once I saw them at my level.

3) Finally, I became a more risk taker

Not in a bad sense, but I started to do that I had been say I would do. I started my online business. I went on a 14 day trek in the mountains and it was freezing cold. I climbed 5,416m high mountain pass, travel outside of my own country, and visit France two times. Previously, during my fap days, I would never even dare to think about it… it was impossible for me. Now, because I am in a better shape and earning better, I can afford to go outside of my own country and meet interesting people …

Well, all these benefits would not be happening for me if I did not came across your website and I would like to thank everyone for being a support for me and others.

Thanks, Abi

LINK – Things I learned after abstaining from PMO

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