Age 34 – ED cured. Feel great. Finding everything about girls more attractive

So it’s been a few days over 90 and so far I’m doing great! I have to admit that I was extremely skeptical in the beginning but now I am a huge believer. I don’t believe in the superpowers, for me at least.

In the beginning it seemed like my voice was a little deeper and I was looking at girls in the eye more directly, but I think that was just mental and now I’m going back to how I was before.

What has changed: My interest in sex and my performance. I have always struggled with ED. Now it appears that it isn’t an issue, at all. And I used to never understand how guys could have sex a few times in one night and now I can go maybe three times at night and once in the morning. It’s incredible the difference now that I’m not depleting my reserves night after night after night.

Biggest difference, I’m finding girls more attractive. Not just objectively attractive. Everyone feeling of attractiveness is heightened more now then it was before. Their voice, their scent the way they move etc. For the first time in my life am I discovering what I really like most in a girl. Before it seemed like my type was just what I liked on paper. Now I can find someone and have deeper connections that last longer. I was so lost in the deep abyss of dark porn and now I’m finally free. It’s not even difficult for me. I’m never going back.

LINK – 90 Day Report

by yankee69


INITIAL POST – Feeling like an idiot

I’m 34 with definite ED issues. I’ve been fapping on average of probably once a day for 20 years. That’s 7300 times. I’m able to get girls because of my looks and status, but it’s been the same cycle. Don’t feel a thing when being intimate at first, and the girl will have to work on me for a while until I get a half boner that can barely be inserted. Then the girl thinks I’m either gay or not in to them. Embarrassment ensues.

Then I get into this ‘what’s wrong with me’ panic, so I go back to pmo to prove that I can get a boner, thinking this is practice and was helping me.

This shys me away from seeking new relationships, especially with girls that know my circle of friends in fear that my secret will become kown. The last few years I’ve fell deeper and deeper into the pmo abyss. So, idk if I have pied or its general anxiety that’s caused my issues, but I’m feeling pretty dumb right now for not giving nofap a shot. On day 9 right now.