Age 34 – First date in years, also recently promoted

Greetings fellow fapstonauts! Just about to hit that four month mark and thought I would share my experience this last weekend!

So long story short I haven’t been on a date in years! Not to mention a date that wasn’t a group date! For a long time during my depression I had given up on dating. I’d ask a girl here or there for a phone number, get denied, fap and forget.

The last few months really have been something else though! I see posts on here all the time about “super powers” and whether or not they are real or placebo. My theory is it’s just our internal motivation working at it’s peak performance!

I’ve posted recently about kicking ass at work and getting promoted. I’ve also gotten a few numbers from girls that I see all the time that come into my work, or work at my favorite restaurant. It’s just not that difficult to engage women anymore! In fact lots of the time they start talking first, all you have to do is talk back!

Anyways, so I’ve been actively looking for a lady to connect with and have been talking to a few girls on Tinder. I know I know a lot of people on here aren’t the biggest fans of the app. I have had some interesting conversations on there though.

Recently I matched with a girl from my home town, which is pretty rare meeting anyone from the Midwest way up here in the PacNW! We had quite a bit in common and as soon as I found out where she was from I asked for her number no hesitation. Before I knew it I asked her out to dinner last Friday. Very unlike me! …Well very unlike the old me!

We met a new local gastro pub that was kinda halfway between where we both live and had a great few hours chatting about home, work, all sorts of stuff. Unfortunately I was dragging ass by the end as I had been up since 330am for work. So we called it a night, overall I thought it went well, and she went in for a hug and said she wants to meet again. Had I not been crashing and burning after a solid 19 hours of being up I bet she would have gone anywhere I suggested! ><

Hopefully I hear from her again, I actually just texted her today. Still no response but I actually haven’t looked at my phone since I got home four hours ago! That’s the type of person that NoFap has restored me to! Someone that doesn’t obsess over when that girl will text back!

Stay strong brothers!

Viva la resistance!

Turned 34 this year, first was exposed to hardcore porn when I was 12. Started abusing when I was 13 or 14. A couple girlfriend’s and one long  term relationship in my early 20’s. Had this weird mentality that “girls hate me” for years as was very unhealthy. Started getting fit the last few years since I jumped careers I’m down 100lbs as of two weeks ago! NoFap if anything has taught me to focus and appreciate myself!

LINK – First date in three years!

by AciD3X