Age 34 – Gay: (ED) My brain was cured, I could be aroused by a smile

I did this challenge 2 years ago… because of porn addiction, and ED issues… first time it lasted 2 weeks, and i relapsed because i hit the flatline right after day 6.

I was horrified thinking that my virility was literraly dead… no urges, no desire, no morning wood, i relapsed just to try if it was still working or not… worse fault i ever commit: i ejaculate with barely a semi… with that fear (will it work or not, will it work or not!) i was not fapping for desire, i was fapping just to …. try.

So i decided to begin a new streak same thing, direct to flatline, i read a lot about it, to understand why anxiety, insomnia, no urges etc… but that time i stood strong, and my flatline lasted almost 4 weeks.

I forgot about it as long as time was passing by, i just began to get used to my new routine: reading books, going several times to the gym, hanging around with family and friends, cleaning my house, drawing… etc.

And one day, or one morning exactly, i woke up with a boner!!!! maaaan, i did never have that even when i used blue pills, and it stood hard even under the shower, i didnt want to touch it, just admiring it like a child staring at his toys before playing with it… i didnt masturbate that day, and it gave me strengh and self estime

I noticed some days, that yes in the streets i was walking more confident, not looking down if some hot guy stares at me… (because my brain was telling me, ‘what for? you really want to go to bed with that guy, and not even be able to give him pleasure??’)… but with that sudden erection, i was like, ‘yes now i can “have” anyone i want,’ and THAT is the superpower, its not being really able to have sex like a porn star…no, absoluuutly not, but its being able to feel yourself strong enough to seduce, to attract, to talk with new people etc…

so for 2 more weeks, i experimented. Wet dreams, it was really annoying me, bacause i was feeling like “wastin” energy for nothing…

so the day after (i used to be broke, depressed and so on), but it happened that one day, just hanging around with my dog, a random guy just smiled at me. I can say now that i felt some desire in his eyes, and 3 months earlier, even if the hottest guy was grabbing my crotch in public, it was not giving me any erection,

but that day, that random guy, that smile, i had a sudden erection! something strong, unbeleivable, and really hard to hide! the smile turned into a chat about my dog. i invited him for a drink, i was still feeling afraid, (dont propose sex, it wont work)… but we talked like 4 hours. Then, he came to my house…

And believe me, there were no blue pills involved, no condom issues involved, it was PERFECT… and it’s his words! i understood, that from then, my brain was cured from porn, as i could be arroused by a smile, a touch of a skin and so on… aroused by a real person, and not a flat screen.

years have passed by…. and unfortunatly for me, loneliness and deception led me again to porn addiction, thats why im here again, i dont know how much time it will take… but im feeling like im doing this for the first time… its hard, really hard, but im not afraid, it’s the unique difference!

I was 31-32 now 34

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