Age 34 – I have really reassessed how I look at women

Hey guys,

This is a signing off of sorts. I joined nofap about two months ago and I have managed to achieve a nice bit of time away from MO-ing as a result. I never really had that much of a struggle with porn but I needed to get some space from M-ing just to get some perspective and I feel I have succeeded in doing that.

Sex is such a big deal for guys and for society at large and it really isn’t talked about enough. We go through a lot around it and it is not easy. But Nofap has shown me that there is a power greater than my desire and that is such a big deal for me.

I M-ed last night as I just felt it was time and it was beautiful and just sort of like I was being intimate and accepting with and of my myself and that is a very valuable thing for me as a lot of my M-ing previously was done from a place of frustration and bitterness.

I did set a 90 day goal for myself but I am content to have achieved half of that and I do hope to remain somewhat healthy in my thinking and behaviours going forward. I really have so much respect for you guys and all that you have achieved and continue to, it is an outstanding resource and hopefully part of something bigger that can help people see how important it is to have a healthy relationship with desire and our bodies and women.

I have really reassessed how I look at women and getting a period of abstinence has revealed even more beauty to me as if all of these little details have suddenly become visible. I can even see beauty in women I never considered that good looking before.

But I do feel like it is time to return to M-ing as I get a healthy release from it and it is not something I do compulsively. I also don’t have a sexual relationship with my partner right now as she is dealing with some heavy shit from the past and needs a bit of space in that area.

But obviously I am not suggesting that it is ok to M for people who have a long relationship with high speed porn. I am an addict myself in the area of drink and drugs (going on 11 years clean now! Through Gods grace) and I fully believe in the power of abstinence so keep at it guys and get the freedom you deserve.

I love all of you and wish you nothing but the best and freedom from compulsion and the power to live true lives.

Take care thank you so much!

LINK – Got a lot from Nofap-thanks and goodbye.

by Freeman…