Age 34 – I’m now 100% confident in social situations, and find that I don’t care what people think of me

I am proud to say I have gone 50 days without shooting a load, not even a wet dream. I don’t even feel horny anymore (but I’m not flatlining) and I think I know why…..

I have thrown myself into my music. I am already an OK pianist, but since January I have been pushing myself to improve. The biggest improvements have been over the last 50 days.

I have absolutely no doubt that not cumming has allowed me to focus my energy and brain power in a way that I have never been able to before. My playing is improving by the day, and importantly I am getting huge dopamine rushes as a result. Sometimes whilst playing, I am overcome with tearful joy, and stop playing just to have a little sob of excited happiness.

Aside from the piano, I have a huge desire to socialise much more, so am enjoying nights out etc., and, whereas before I was probably depressed, I now feel overjoyed to be alive.

I read that some of you guys report improvements in female attention – I’m not really interested in that, however, I can report that I have noticed a big change in how I interact with people. I was fairly confident beforehand, but now I feel like I really don’t care what people think of me. I’m now 100% confident in social situations, and find that I don’t care what people think of me. Take me as I am, or p*ss off!

For you guys struggling, you’ve got to find dopamine hits in positive ways. For me it’s the piano, but I already had that, so it was a natural progression for me – dopamine from PMO, rewiring to dopamine from piano. I am seriously passionate about playing music. If you don’t have a great passion in life, GET ONE!!!! It could even be work, if you enjoy your job. Build the framework for success, you have to be busy to succeed.


50 days hard mode! Full sack=full life!

by richie3846