Age 34 – Make a ripple in the collective consciousness of humanity

I’ve been a lurker here for a few months. Read a ton of success stories on here as well as It’s taken me about 4 years to get where I am now.

I made it to 45 or so days multiple times and something always seemed to trigger relapse. Most times, I think it was just not being able to cope with the reality of life and fapping was used as a numbing mechanism.

I started very young, pry around 14 or so, and regularly masturbated until 33 years of age. It’s been a long road, but I finally did it. I’m going to give a few pointers that have really helped me. I’ve seen about every freaking possible way to beat this addiction, but I might have a thing or two that can help some dudes that want to win this fight just like I did.

  1. The best thing I did was get a jar. I used a jalepeno jar. I set it up next to my bed. Next to the jar is a pile of pennies. The first thing I do every day when I wake up is put a penny in the jar. I promise myself that dropping the penny into the jar represents victory from this addiction. I congratulate myself for another day sober, and go on with my day. Since having the jar, I had one relapse at 48 days. It was very disappointing to empty it, but now it has 114 pennies and counting. I still get an occasional urge, but have been doing pretty damn good at avoiding temptation. The jar represents a tangible object you can see and touch. I regularly dump it out and count the pennies as I put them back in the jar. I will be doing this for a long time. It represents so much accomplishment. I’ve teared up a few times while doing this and it always feels good doing so.
  2. Go hardmode. If you masturbate without porn, you’re playing with fire. The next couple days you will have a hell of a time not going back to porn. You have to just stop everything. You’re fucked up and need a rest. God knows my body needed a rest from constantly depleting myself. Go all in…and make it happen. You will be forever changed my friend. It’s so worth it.
  3. Fix your life. Read, exercise, do charity work, start a business, get a hobby, watch ted talks, meditate, eat healthy. All these things are tips many before me have given. Beating this addiction isn’t just about changing this habit, it’s about changing your life. Let this be the springboard towards huge life change.
  4. Watch motivational videos. Thru this subreddit, I learned of a man named Jim Rohn. Since hearing the name, I started watching youtube videos. He has been so instrumental in helping me get things on track and becoming a better person. I highly suggest checking out some of his teachings on youtube.
  5. Avoid TV. Our culture is so sexualized and the TV is one of the main culprits. Advertising, shows, and movies are so full of sex. It’s best to just step away from this, as it’s bound to lead to a relapse.
  6. Avoid eating too much meat. Meat is a low-vibration food. Masturbation is a low-vibration activity. Eating flesh will make you want to jerk off more. When I stopped eating so much meat, my addiction seemed to lessen. I’d highly suggest cutting back and eliminating if you can.
  7. Talk to someone. I went thru therapy for about a year. I went every week, and this was a frequent topic. Getting things off your chest is so important. Verbalizing internal problems allows them to be brought to the surface. Therapy helps in so many other ways too. I could probably still use it here and there, but overcoming this addiction seems to have lessened all the other ones.
  8. Be goddamn proud of yourself for taking on this challenge. You’re worth it. So many others just accept this as normal. Masturbation has a detrimental effect on so many things in life. Take the challenge, better yourself. If you do all the suggestions from myself and others in this subreddit you will be taking steps to vastly improving your lot in life.

That’s all the major pointers I can think of. Huge thanks to all the guys that have submitted their stories. Without everyone, this would be so much more difficult. If you have a story, post it. The more of us there are in this fight the better. Society needs people like us. People who are willing to challenge the status quo. People willing to take the time and effort to make themselves better people. Taking this challenge makes yourself a better person and therefore makes the world a better place. Always remember that. By winning this fight, you are not just winning it for yourself, but making a ripple in the collective consciousness of humanity. The only way change ever happens is one person at a time, so do your part.


LINK – Nofap success story and some tips

by whynotme2015