Age 34 – More confident, music is deeper and more beautiful

Had a few streaks up to between 40 and 70 days, but now I’ve finally reached 90. (Mostly hard mode).

Noticeable changes:
* More confident
* More of a ‘take charge’ mentality
* Dreams are slowly returning
* I’ve suddenly started to … like classic music a lot… like I can dive deeper into it’s beauty?!?

Vienna Philharmonic New Year’s Concert 2014 Full (HD)

Now for a totally freaky experience:

This was a dream I had some months ago and I have been pondering about sharing it for a while. So here it goes:

Very briefly summarized: in this dream I was working in a room (a bit of a restaurant like setting) on my laptop and some fairly beautiful woman was trying to grab my attention. She was trying to distract me away from my laptop, not purely with her looks, but by constantly asking questions, etc. etc.

Somehow she got me distracted and (the memory is a bit vague here) she started working on my laptop while I was still distracted by something/someone else.

Suddenly someone pointed out that she was was working on my laptop and right at that moment I realized that that laptop was somehow symbolic for my personality/being/soul.

It was crucial that she was to be removed away from messing with the system as fast as possible.

So with someone else or a couple of other people we jumped at her to get her away from the laptop/keyboard. Well, at that moment she kind of shape shifted in some kind of an ugly created. (Later I realized that Salma Hayek in that vampire movie might convey the idea).

Well.. this creature jumped right at me, angry that it (and its motive) had been discovered. Right at that moment I woke up with some partial sleep paralysis and I swear to this day that I felt/saw some partially transparent dark energy ‘cloud’ jump out of my chest


It was a really big goosebumps, spine chilling moment and it felt really freaky. At the same time I felt some tears welling up.. I felt much “cleaner” somehow?!?

And you know what: I wasn’t even that addicted to P at all when I started NoFap about 1.5 years ago …

Imagined or not, this dream was an eye-opener!

[Otherwise] I’m smiling more and I’m not afraid to make eye-contact and keep it! Age: 34

LINK – 90 days *ding*

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