Age 34 – No longer a chronic alcoholic, masturbation and weed addict

Today marks the first year I’ve ever spent without masturbation since I hit puberty. Until I found this subreddit, I didn’t even know there were other people fighting to reclaim themselves in the same way. There’s a lot of criticism of NoFap online, but the fact is; finding the ‘mental muscle’ in your mind with which to control your physical urges is like learning to drive stick shift.

You might have learned on an old, beaten up thing, but if you practice often, opportunity will prove to you that even a luxury auto follows the same basic principles, which explains how a chronic alcoholic, masturbation and weed addict like myself has been #FapLess for a year, and will be #GrassFree and #Sober inside the next 11 and 23 days respectively.

Thank you #NoFap, for sharing, for encouragement, for letting other people striving to be better versions of themselves see the struggle you’re going through to achieve the same thing. Our reasons may differ, but we’re all trying to get in touch with the person buried under months, years and sometimes decades of sensory abuse and distraction, and that’s a fucking awesome thing. Peace.

[Benefits?] Easier access to will power, greater concentration, (strength!) better sleep, less anxiety. I’m 34

LINK – Day 365

By musingcomet