Age 34 – PIED cured: About a week ago I felt the switch back to being normally aroused by a real woman


I am on 54 days of a lifetime of no PMO. I went 34 days hard mode and then tried to have sex. It wasn’t perfect so I waited two more weeks and tried again and it was a success! About a week ago I felt the switch back to being normally aroused by a real woman.

It’s strange how when that feeling came back I recognized it immediately. I was having trouble staying erect when I would get naked with a partner but now I am so aroused when getting naked that I don’t think twice about staying erect.

My next goals are to be able to finish twice in an evening and be able to stay aroused while putting condoms on.

LINK – 54 Days No PMO

by Bosonman




I’m on day 30 of 90 and been in hard mode. I’m 34 and healthy and was married for 9 1/2 years with only having sex with the wife 20 times. I know insane. Two years ago I couldn’t take it anymore and got out but had relied on PMO for a long time.

I had not had any sex for two years and met a great girl that I was crazy for and I couldn’t get it up. It finally worked two weeks in several times then one night it went down right before intercourse. A series of issues lead us to not trying and she became distant. During this time I learned of NoFap and went hard mode for 25 days when she told me she needed the sex to be organic.

So now I’m on a mission to reset. I only PMO once a week up until a year ago when I started everyday. I believe that caused my PIED.
Good news! 30 days in I have zero desire to PMO and have been getting morning wood again. I’m working more and have more energy. I feel confident and like a normal human. I feel the next time I O will be with a women. I’m a little nervous I won’t be able to get it up after this time in hard mode or after I O I won’t be able to again after some time has passed but that’s a minor complaint compared to how I feel now.

I wish the girl would have stuck around as I feel I could go off hard mode now. Her loss.

I wonder if I really had PIED because I have zero desire to ever watch porn again.