Age 34 – Severe social anxiety GONE, productivity UP


I started nofap because I had really bad social anxiety for the past 20 years! (Since I was fapping… coincidence?) I was somewhat sceptic (as usually), but S.A. was the worst thing in my life so I HAD TO try nofap. I’m on day 179 now and I’m pretty sure that this works! Especially the past few weeks. I’m just fucking calm now everywhere I go!

Going to the post office was a TORTURE for me, and also I’m a musician so I was f.ckin scared on stage… now I’m just totally CALM.

People say that social anxiety is about confidence… BULLSHIT. It’s not. I was f.ckin confident before, but I knew that something is messing with my brain (physically) what causes this CONSTANT FEAR in public.

And I was right. It was PMO that was messing with my brain receptors. Because now I don’t have it.

I only relapsed ONCE after 90 days, but only because I was curious. It just doesn’t worth it. PMO is not that good.

I also think I’m more productive than before. I wrote TWO BOOKS in these 179 days and a music album too. Before nofap, this would take me YEARS.

I started fapping when I was 12! And internet and porn came when I was 15-16… I’m 34 now.

LINK – Day 179!!! No more social anxiety!

By descargas