Age 34 – Used to be a zombie: Confidence through the roof, got my swagger back. (Update: my social anxiety & depression are gone)

I remember coming here as a completely broken man wanting to fix himself and rid himself of this terrible disease.

I cannot thank you all enough for your continued support throughout this journey.

I was a really bad addict, 6x a day masturbation and completely sedated often refering to myself as a zombie which is a felt i was like. I felt invisible and often ignored by people as if i didn’t even have a voice but all that is over now

Since i started my journey i’ve experienced personal growth, i have taken up meditation and bodybuilding which have yielded incredible results for me. I often receive smiles, nods and what’s up from complete strangers on the street, my clothes are much tighter due to all the muscle I’ve put on, i have made incredible improvements in my chess game.

All in all everything is going fantastic and i owe it all to this community and to you guys for your support. I remember coming on here because of a flat-line or other withdrawal symptoms and I’ve gained invaluable advice and support so thank you!

LINK – 90 days report!

by sup3r_saiyan


UPDATE – Confidence through the roof, got my swagger back

Anyone who still doubts read on. Before nofap I was a skinny, awkward anxious and Lots of sweat at the first sight of people. I was negative, angry and sad at the same time. Moreover my depression was at an all time high and suicidal thoughts were the norm which you see was not a very healthy way to live. At the core of all this was my porn addiction which I dismissed at as a none issue because everyone jerks off right!? Wrong! Since I’ve abstained from this shit I’ve become a man, strong determined ambitious and willful. Moreover I’m full of purpose, outgoing funny and did I mention I’m built like a rock now? Everyone who sees me asks about my diet and workout routine, comments on my style my humor my presence. I’m well read now I try to read a novel every few weeks and I’m starting to box now which I’m excited about. All of this because I’ve made one change in my life which started to snowball into many other changes. I wish you all the same and I hope you stick with moral because it’s the truth, don’t let society destroy us any further with their illusions.


UPDATE 2 – Bye Bye Nofap, Thanks for everything!

I can finally say i’m cured of this disease, when i first started here i once asked someone “how will i know when i’ve rebooted?” and he told me “you’ll know”. Well it all clicks now, i live my life on my terms, full of hobbies, big social life and what not. I don’t think about porn at all, ever! When i have sex now with my Mrs its mind-blowing to say the least, like nothing before. My libido, erections, testosterone is all back to how i was before I discovered masturbating to porn. For me it all hit me now, i understand it, sexuality is a beautiful thing to be enjoyed with my partner in life not with a screen.

I will come back once in a while here since I’ve also reduced my internet consumption to answer any questions you may pose. Take care! And thanks to everyone for their support.


UPDATE 3 – TWO months!!! I’m ALL in….

Some of you might know how broken I was when I first started this. 34 male, no job, twice dropout, drinks every weekend and so I began this journey to repair myself in order to build myself from the bottom up.

The withdrawal symptoms came in fast and furious; Join pain, all kinds of muscle pain, headaches, insomnia, horrible depression, my anxiety went two notches up, sweating etc etc. It took me a month and then some for them to cool off, so I started to see things clearer, started getting epiphanies, positive thoughts of encouragement and what not. All the meanwhile this community was here supporting me, advising and encouraging my efforts every step of the way and for that I say thank you nofap. Here I am today 2 months in and has everything changed? Well I definitely feel more confident in myself, who I am as a man, beginning to realize what it is that I want from this world and what i need to do to get it. Everywhere I go I receive attention from females and respectful nods from other men, so that is not myth, it is real. People approach me more now, strike up conversations and most importantly I find it easier and easier to connect with other human beings. All this in the span of two months, i can’t wait to see what other realizations, breakthroughs and achievements i will get in say a year or 2 or 5 or 10 because in this journey, I’m all in!

Thank you nofap.


UPDATE 4 – [90 days] My report, my own truth and experiences!

90 days! 90 days!

I kept repeating that to myself this morning when i woke up. Somehow my brain knew it was today that marked the first time since puberty that I’ve abstained from watching endless videos and finishing off to them. 90 days without a single video, a single picture or a single relapse, had you told me this 90 days ago I would have laughed at you. I want to thank the Nofap community because if you read my very first posts i was a complete mess, not only because of the crazy withdrawal symptoms but just as a man. I was ready to give up very early on guys, the physical pain was just horrendous and it was you guys who kept me in the game, so thank you!

Now, on to the benefits. First i want to say Ive been meditating a lot for the past month and some, so maybe this also has to do with the benefits i’m about to list.

*Becoming very Spiritual* +Concentration/focus- This one was always my krypton +Memory- improved it massively which is a huge bonus +Penis- Looks fuller and hangs low instead of in a refractory state +Balls- Also look fuller and I definitely see massive difference +Women- This is a big one for me, i had a ‘type’ i wrote about this and wanted to do away with my ‘type’ and I have accomplished this. I no longer look at women as ‘ass’ or ‘no ass’

+Porn- No more fantasies, day dreams or thoughts of scenes +Voice- Much much deeper +Energy- lacking but that’s b/c i haven’t changed my poor eating habits and I don’t exercise (i just moved into a building with a gym on Jan 1 so this will change) +Sleep- deep quality sleep, many dreams

I can go on, and on and on. What i want to say is that I’m becoming deeply spiritual because i was never really much of religious person. I have not had any alcohol since Halloween, i mediate daily and practice everything i learn from Zen into my life. The more i learn the deeper I become connected to my inner self and see the outside world for what it is.

That’s it boys and girls, if you have any questions just ask me.


UPDATE – Thank you thank you thank you!!! i love you guys!

140 days nofap 34 yr old, 20 yrs PMO addict here.

140 days ago i wanted to take my life, i thought of how, where, and when. I thought of taking taking ricin (i saw it on breaking bad), when i would do it, but ultimately i stopped bc i thought about how many people i would hurt. I was broken down, a man shattered to a million little pieces if i am honest.

Then came Nofap, i spent a week reading your stories in complete bewilderment, half in disbelief about all the claims being made on this sub. One of the users had a citation linking this sub with so i went there and spent the following month reading/watching everything I could get my hands on.

Now; I just finished reading my 3rd novel since last Wednesday alone (i haven’t read more than 5 novels my entire life previous to this), i intend on reading 100 novels by the end of this yr. I have been meditating for 3 months, exercising for a month, I’ve been on tyrosine+5htp since feb 2nd and i feel GREATTTTT. I’m always well shaven, i bought an electric toothbrush I’ve been using now for 2 months and my teeth never looked better, i use different products for my hair so it always looks good and i bought 3 different colognes i use (lightly). I’ve changed my style to give me a more edgy look and to reflect my true personality, not the fake nice guy bullshit i used to put out just so people liked me. Yesterday evening while reading ‘the catcher in the rye’ i caught many females staring endlessly at me. I’ve lost 6 pounds so far and i am on beast mode when i’m at the gym. This is all thanks to this community, to all your stories, and your support. You have no idea what you’ve done for me, i don’t think there’s a way to let you all know but nonetheless i wish you all the best.


UPDATE – 9 Months of NOFAP/Hardmode/Norelapse. Benefits, motivation, energy details.

First of all, Nofap you’re a lifesaver and I don’t know how I will ever be able to thank you.

9 months ago I was an anxious, awkward, shell of a man. I was unable to think clearly, remember facts often time forgetting why i walked into a room or what it is i needed to google. I was fidgeting around people at parties, bbq or get together to their bewilderement and confusion. Forget talking to girls, i couldn’t even look at people in the eye, let alone strike up a conversation at will or carry a conversation in the presence of someone else. All of this was due to years of PMO abuse at my own hands (no pun intended) but with the discovery of this sub all of that began to change and so did my perspective of life as a whole. Now what seems normal would’ve been miraculous to me 9 months ago, things like being more social, smiling more, talking to people even strangers on the street or at a function would’ve been debilitating back then. My concentration when in a conversation, at a meeting, a seminar or at a lecture is 10 folds what it was 9 months ago and my ability to recall both short term and long term memories is miles ahead of what it was.

My social anxiety is pretty much gone, I haven’t felt any instances of it in the past few months. My depression is gone altogether, all the symptoms seem to have dis-speared into thin air which illustrates the impact of this journey.

Lastly, I know you all want to know if what they say about ‘female magnetism’ on this sub is true or pure myth and although it is purely anecdotal on my part i do have to support this. I’ve noticed many women glancing my way on more occasions than i could count, the smiles, the nodding when i’m conversation is fantastic.