Age 35 – Enjoying sex with my wife again, feeling more energetic


I’m 35 and I had a nevous breakdown back in September. I ended up in the custody of a rehab center, because I was suicidal. Through counseling we figured out I was addicted to porn and alcohol.

I didn’t want to destroy my family with bad habits. I love my wife and son, so I decided to get back into my Christian faith. God and the NoFap community has helped out so much!

I’ve been more energetic, I’m grooming myself properly again, I’m enjoying sex with my wife again. I suppose those would be the benefits I’ve seen. [Before I quit] I didn’t want to have sex with my wife, but I could always get it up for pornography. After I quit fapping just thinking about about sex would make me feel sick. That last for a few weeks, but after that I got my libido back.

LINK –100 days

By FIREBERT_firebert