Age 35 – New job, new life, more attractive to women, willing to fail


First post on Reddit. Some of what I’ll say is pretty embarassing, but if it can help some of you guys, then it’s worth it. When I started my first streak at the beginning of 2015, I was out of work for several years, didn’t drive, and physically I was a mess. I’m 6ft and I thought starving myself down to 170lbs would make me look good.

I was 33 when I managed my first streak of 23 days. During that time I got my ass down the gym and started working out. If you don’t work out or do sport, consider this: No matter what else is going on in your life, you can at least make progress on your health.

The following two years resulted in streaks of 23, 33, 45, and my best 54 days. I got my ass in gear and volunteered, which led to me getting back into full time work. Got my first full time job on day 30 of a streak. Yeah, at my age that sucks ass, but better late than never. NoFap really is a catalyst for change.

Then I sorted my wheels and got mobile, this was during a 40 day streak.

I was also dealing with pattern baldness at the time, which is a pretty crappy thing to go through. In the end I just shaved it all off. Strangely enough, I had more attractive women asking me out than usual once the hair was gone.

The female attention thing is legit. On an eight day streak at work, one of my colleagues said I looked different, but she couldn’t say why. I smiled, because I knew why.

Right now on an 18 day streak, pretty much every one of the gym staff smiles at me or says hello. This doesn’t happen if I’m fappin’. It’s the same with the girls, they say hello or make small talk, or get on the machine next to me, rather than avoid me. The most attractive woman I ever dated was during a 40 day streak. She asked me out, dudes. I was actively trying to avoid her because we worked together. Anyway, that didn’t work out because I still have other things I need to deal with, and we had nothing in common.

I still struggle, and I’ve not hit the magical 90 days, but all these smaller streaks led to real changes in my life.

One more thing I’d like to say to the younger guys, because if you can learn from my failure then at least some good came from it. Don’t let your own pride be a brick wall to progress. Be willing to take the shitty jobs. Be the pizza boy. Work in the warehouse. Do whatever it takes, because the experiences you gather and the money you make are like a snowball that will roll into the future.

You’ll meet people and make contacts, and you’ll become a lot more street smart. It’s the same thing with women. You’re gonna fuck up, you’re gonna beta up, you’re gonna get dumped, you’re gonna say or do the wrong thing, but you learn from it and improve the next time. That’s what experience is, and my biggest mistake was not being willing to fail and make mistakes when I was younger. I’m paying for it now by being behind my peers socially, but I’m in a much, much stronger position than a few years ago when I started NoFap.


Get as much life experience as early as you can by being willing to fail. Take up a sport / gym. Do NoFap.

Good look, boys. All the best for your future success.

LINK – Two years of trying. Results.

By powergoblin