Age 35 – No more depression, social anxiety is far better, greater confidence, more energy

Today is the DAY. I cant believe how fast the time passed. I feel very good today, pretty confident and happy for no reason. I am getting slowly out of flatline. Here is summary of the benefits I got so far:

  • no more depression;
  • I wake up early without alarm;
  • social anxiety is far better, I can approach people and greet them;
  • high confidence;
  • I can maintain eye contact with women and talk to them without getting sweaty hands and cold feet;
  • I changed my mindset towards women and other aspects of life in general;
  • I have a lot of energy and I can exercise like never before;
  • I changed my habits a lot: I eat healthy, exercise, play the guitar, read books, I started a diary, meditate, shave regularly and more;
  • I do not feel guilt anymore in fact I became very open person;

There is still room to improve. It really worth it to endure all the shit because the prize at the end is something meaningful, life changing.

I do not think that NoFap is the reason for all of the changes but it was a key element which helped me to start changing at all.

I had a nasty dream last night. I dreamed of a relapse. I was shocked like with have I done, I was about to hit 120 days? I could not believe it, it was devastating! When I woke up I was like whew it was just a nightmare lol

Have faith brothers, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

LINK – 4 months (120 days) of hardmode!

by fap_detox

2-year UPDATE

Changes are small and barely perceived. They accumulate over the long run. One of the good things that happened to me is that my perception of the world and of women changed a lot. I think this happened during the course of all my big and small streaks.

Its good to look at women as people and not sex toys. I no longer ask myself how does she look under the clothes, I ask myself what kind of person is she. And this gets rid of the shame really, so I can speak freely and it feels good.

I think the best thing that happened to me is when I got rid of the shame! I just realized it and that makes me happy!

I think all fetishes are bad. Having a fetish is an alarm that something is not right. For me fetishes were part of idolizing women. Now these fetishes are not only not fetishes anymore but I consider them disgusting and it feels good!

In my opinion semen release is an absolute waste. The body does not need to “get rid” of semen and if it does it will do it on its own terms. Semen is actually a nuclear fuel that drives your body and your life forward!

I am striving for six more months and ultimately for a fapless life 😀

I feel how this changes my thinking and my perception about the people and the world as a whole. I used to live in an illusion, a bubble…

I just regret that I did not knew about that PMO ruins my life… People really need to be educated about this sh!t. Our hyper-sexualized world really ruins people’s lives.

My first attempt was 300 days, it was two years ago. Then I had several 15-60 days and a ton of 2-7 days periods.

To be honest I have not achieved something spectacular during this period. I lost 15kg without exercising at all, maybe because I cut off most of the junk food. I was in a flatline most of the time so I was pretty unmotivated. My sex drive was literally dead.

About two years ago I had an unpleasant experience which scarred me mentally and psychologically, that is when I relapsed during my 300 days streak. I got into severe depression and I PMOed a lot. I tried to stop but it was so hard…

Now that I recovered mentally and I am out of the flatline(for now), the hormonal storm hit me and I feel so f*cking alive!

I have no problem talking to people, which was a huge problem before. Eye contact is strong. I have clear thoughts, I am able to express myself clearly. My worst fetishes are gone for good. I don’t give a f*ck as much as I did before… The list goes on.

I feel that the good things are yet to come. Its pretty hard to resist temptations but every time I resist one I feel like I leveled up a bit…

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By fap_detox


My social life is absolute crap to be honest, zero, nada, but I am determined to change that!

Lately, I began to feel socially intelligent, something that I lacked my entire life. I think about other people, I ask myself what do they feel, I try to predict what they want, its amazing. My brain actually thinks, I did not become a genius but its certainly far better than before!

I am learning new patterns in my job just by experimenting, I am more patient and I am really willing to take risks for the first time in my life. I am able to acknowledge small victories. I no longer feel frightened to talk to strangers which is a huge gain for me!

After almost five months of flatline I feel alive again Today I had a huge urge and a storm of lusty thoughts hit me. During that time I realized that I no longer have the need to finish but to sexually interact with a woman, to be cheeky, to control her.

I think this is an amazing change! I am very determined to continue to change mentally and physically and to find a woman to share my life with!

LINK – I feel different after 6 months.

By fap_detox