Age 35 – The best thing was/is the control I gained over myself. I was able to stop smoking after almost 20 years

First of all a very big thanks to all the People here on NoFap for all the Support not only to me but that is given to everybody on this Sub. A really amazing place. Sorry I am not native English.


I was basically a boredom fapper. If i was busy I did not fap and when I was bored ( which was plenty) I just fapped away 2-3 times a day. I would not say i was very addicted but it was pathetic.


I went full Monk-Mode, no Sex, no Fantasies no Edging.

Up’s and Down’s:

The first few days I was super pumped. But then I mainly was flatlining the whole time. But the flatline was way better than the usual “fap-line”. There was a parallel breakup going on that might have altered the feelings. But every now and then I had super pumped up days. I never came close to relapsing.

I had no Wet Dreams but was dripping basically all day long from day 65ish on.


I think the best thing was/is the control I gained over myself. I right away started to work out and taking the cold shower challenge, and at about day 40 into nofap I was able to stop smoking after almost 20 years. This to me was the biggest power I gained. The control over my body and thoughts. As a result I changed all the way to my core and all the people around me noticed right away. i am very confident now I have strong eye contact as many have stated here and i can chat up people way more easy. But also I have experienced that some people are more “afraid” to talk to me now. But the effects of NoFap are there for sure and i can feel them every day. There are no girls jumping in my arms on the streets, yet 🙂

Sex life now:

Had Sex at about day 80 and now ongoing since day 95 into nofap, the first two rounds I was done after seconds but then the Machine was ready. But what I really like with the current lady are the hugs. I never really had this before and I love it now. Maybe it’s her but I love the hugs in bed and when we stand. Can’t get enough of it.

Summary and future:

I consider myself “healed” although I did not really feel addicted. But even in my horny nofap days I did not think about porn or rubbing one out. I just want to keep my sperm to myself. I actually want to try retention because with all the sex now I am totally empty and actually feel fairly tired and exhausted by having sex 5-6 times a day. I would like to test if retention can help with that. I would report back if successful.

Have a nice day everybody and stay strong 🙂

LINK – 90 days Report 35 y. male. Monk-Mode.(80%)

by Trowawayantifap28