Age 35 – The last 3 months have been among the best in my life

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I had been trying to quit fapping for the last 16 years. I tried all kinds of methods, but never saw success over 1 week. I then saw a TED talk about NoFap and decided to check it out. I am so glad I did. This group has been instrumental to my success. I hit 90 days after my 3rd attempt of NoFap and the last 3 months of my life have been among the best in my life.

The first 1-3 weeks are definitely the hardest. It gets easier if you can get past 30 days. Each morning, I log into Reddit, NF Emergency App, and read my vision statement.

MILESTONE PRIZES: I picked three things I wanted to buy but committed to hitting the milestone before I could buy it.

o Day 30 Prize: drone

o Day 60 Prize: promise ring for my daughter born on aug 5th

o Day 90 Prize: trade in my 2005 car for a 2013 car

DAILY VISION STATEMENT: I read this every morning

I am committed to 90 Days NOFAP. I have decided the person I want to be and have clarity on the specific boundaries I will not cross. I am excited about this decision because I am well aware of the benefits of choosing to live the NOFAP life (a legitimate legacy with my family, an authentic father, more joy, better sex, better husband & father, stronger testimony, cleaner thought life, more credibility and authority, more will power in my frontal cortex, protecting my family, I don’t want to be a hypocrite, lose my wife & daughters, or have ED & be digitally castrated). It allows me to become the person I need to be for my wife and children. I HAVE TO REBOOT MY BRAIN!

The mind controls the body. My actions are a result of my decisions and beliefs. I cannot fall into the limiting belief that viewing lustful images or videos will somehow improve my life. In fact, it will be seriously detrimental to my stress level, marriage, relationships, walk with God, and life goals. My quality of life as I know it depends on me choosing to stay pure. I can no longer accept anything less than the best from myself. I DO NOT WANT MY LEGACY DESTROYED.


o NF Emergency app

o 10 push ups

o Say “Wife. Daughter. Mother. Sister.” exercise

o call, text and email accountability partner
o Look in the mirror exercise

o Hold breath and flex muscles exercise to get blood pumping

LINK – 90 Days! My reflections

By JustinH54321

UPDATE  120 Days!

I made it another 30 days! This is the longest I’ve gone without fapping in 23 years. I couldn’t have done it without this group. The daily motivation and inspiration has  been so crucial to getting breakthrough.

I’m 35. I started fapping and looking at P around 12.