Age 36 – DE, ED, low libido much improved


I am 36 years old and also I started masturbating when I was 12 and using porn when I was 16. I also started watching porn magazines and cable shows until I moved on to internet porn. While I was a teenager I didn’t have any visible consequence until I reached my 20’s. During my early 20’s I didn’t suffer of erectil dysfunction, but I was unable to get off while having sex.

I only was able to ejaculate while watching porn. Many years after my first sexual experience I started to lose interest in sex because I was unable to enjoy the experience. As a result of this, I became a heavy porn user. During that period I still continued looking for girls, but having sex was not my priority. Instead I just looked for making out with them, so that I could masturbate at home while fantasizing about it.

The worst part came when I reached my 30’s. By then I have already had erection problems, my addiction had escalated so bad that it led me to disturbing fantasies and the desensibilization continued. Finally I have got married and realized that I couldn’t continue like this.

Currently I am on day 78 and I have improved a lot. I can’t say that I am totally cured, but I am much better than before.

(day 89) I am on day 89 and I still find myself fantasizing about having sex with all the girls on the bus. Sometimes I feel like an animal unable to stop its sexual instintcs. I am getting better though. I am aware that the effects of 24 years of PMO wont disappear in 90 days.

(day 96) it is possible to cure PIED. I also was unable to maintain an erection because of porn. I am on day 96 and can happily say that my condition has improved a lot. If I could do it, you can do it too.

I never stopped having sex with my wife. I just stopped porn and masturbation. I guess that is one of the advantages of being married.:) Anyways, there is a big difference  between now and then. Before I barely got it up to have the job done, now I can even try new positions. Also we are having sex more frequently. I stopped worring about not being able to get it up.


By nomascadenas