Age 36 – Gay man: Now, everything works exactly how it’s supposed to


I’ve reached day 112! Thought I’d share my experience in case anyone finds it useful… Did I find it difficult? No. Which was a surprise. I learnt what P was doing to me and I just decided to stop PM, and I did. I actually haven’t wanted to watch P since I started.

Stopping myself pointlessly surfing the internet (Facebook etc) is harder, I still need to watch myself.

What I think helped make this easy is that I had worked through emotional issues that were causing me pain before starting (that’s just how it worked out) so I didn’t need the PMO to block bad feelings any more.

How about flatlining? I’ve had multiple flatlines, on about a 12-14 day cycle. The first 2 were pretty heavy then they reduced in intensity.

What about sex? I had sex on day 13- this was too soon, don’t do it. I also had sex on days 73,74,75. That was great – everything worked exactly how it’s supposed to.

Am I cured? In terms of “does my dick work?”; yes.

I think so. Every time I went through a flatline, I felt a bit better afterwards. Before I started my baseline mood was not depressed exactly but kind of flat or numb. I felt something was wrong but couldn’t pinpoint what it was.

Then I started nofap, experienced superpowers then crashed in to a flatline and, well, after each cycle my dopamine sensitivity seems to increase. Now I feel generally pretty good, and the mood rollercoaster seems to have stopped.

There are people on here saying that your recovery will take years and years… Well maybe it won’t! I’ve seen really good results in 90 days

LINK – Day 112

by Jaime123