Age 36 – I don’t believe in super powers, but I definitely have changed for the better.


I sometimes get exposed to [porn] with popups but I just close them and they don’t do anything for me. Not even curious. Really not interested anymore. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my social anxiety & shyness. I look people in their eyes and people want to be around me because I’m in such a happier more positive mood. I really feel happy, clear minded and I feel like i smile more and laugh. I definitely talk to people more and I don’t worry about what they think.

Examples for anxiety is I used to have difficulty going to places like a theatre by myself and enjoying it or eating a fancy restaurant by myself because I felt like I was a weirdo there alone. Because I’m smiling or happier looking vs. angry or scary a lot more people smile back at me and give me their attention and like to talk with me more.

I’m single and was fapping early into pornfree once a week or two but decided to go nofap for as long as I can to see if I notice change. I’m definitely way more aggressive and don’t take shit from anyone not sure if that’s a good thing. After 90 days or so I’ll probably go back to weekly or biweekly if I’m still single.

I’m fortunate to have a strong will power to quit things so it’s been fairly easy on the porn front but harder on the quitting masturbating but I’m not really against that or anything just trying it out.

I don’t believe in super powers, but I definitely have changed for the better. Hit 90 days pornfree today. I’m also 36 days into nofap but have to ignore so many stupid posts on there

Little background: 36 and been viewing porn since I was like 18 or so. A while into pornfree I deleted a porn collection close to 10 TB.

LINK – [90 days] I didn’t ask for these super powers, but I learn to live with them every day.