Age 36 – I just made love successfully for 30 minutes after almost 2 years of suffering PIED.

I’m 36 years old with around 20 years of use, so sure, I had some improvements but I’d probably need a couple of years to clean most of the past bad habits.

So the first lesson here is, especially for younger people, don’t delay the recovery anymore, later is worse. To the point, what I learned that can be useful for you (the order is not important):

  • First the usual: eat quality food, go to the gym, take walks outside, etc.
  • Opendns filter was of invaluable help in my recovery, If I were the type of guy that constantly relapse I would install several filters
  • PMO leads to PIED, who in the world would want that?
  • Being around people helps to rewire
  • Being half committed to recovery is worthless, it’s required a full commitment, recovery should be the most important thing in your life PERIOD.
  • Try to maintain a M-I-N-I-M-A-L use of Computer, mobile and TV, I can’t state this enough
  • Trying to “BE STRONG” and fight like a warrior would not help much in the long term, the real war is inside your head, so;
  • Learn everything you can of this addiction ( & see all the videos in YouTube
  • PMO beat us when a thought inside our head gets bigger than our will
  • PMO starts with an “innocent” thought in your head, the KEY to recovery is to don’t let that thought get bigger (Example: “Oh that girl has the most perfect boobs I EVER seen”, Ok I acknowledge that, message received, but done, thought TERMINATED)
  • Why? Because there’s no fucking girl, boobs, eyes, legs or ass in the world that is worth that I relapse

Now this tip you’ll not find it anywhere else that I know, and is incredible effective in the rewire process

  • Use 45 minutes a day to READ A BOOK, in a month you’ll FEEL the rewire

That’s it, pick up a book (if it’s a physical book or electronic tint better) that you like, could be fiction, economics, psychology, whatever you found interesting, pick up something that is intellectually interesting.

In every reboot that I did that I read books every day for a month, I can FEEL how the reading was helping me to change my brain into more bright, sharp and quicker.

If you think it, it could be logical. When we are in constant PMO state our brain is depressed, the neurons don’t connect to each other. Reading intellectually challenge books force them to start wiring together.

I’ll update this post in the future

Stay clean

LINK – 90 days & a thing or two I learn about P addiction. Plus an effective rewiring TIP you probably never read before

by sebastian_nofap

UPDATE – I just make love successfully for 30 minutes after almost 2 years of suffering PIED.

2 years trying to recover from this hell I’m in, today I had a big step, I don’t feel any close to be cured yet, It take me a lot of time and effort and kisses to get hard but I enjoy it very much after that. I don’t O due to I think it can get me back to flatline. PMO is the stupidest thing ever in my life. stay clean

UPDATE – 8 months, my life is completely changing

Today I return to PORNFREE, after lot of months and when I start reading some posts titles my eyes are getting wet. This place, among others saved my life, turn it upside down. Now all my personality I had in the past makes sense to me, why I was shy, unsocial, etc etc, I’m a totally different person now. I had severe PIED and now I’m cool. Counting days could be beneficial, but when you realize you don’t care anymore about days because you only care is your new life, it’s awesome. My life is changing and I only see positive things to come. LOVE YOU ALL YOU GUYS HERE.

UPDATE – 3 Years ago I developed PIED and discover I was a heavy PMO addict. Short and to the point.

So 3 Years already passed, fast as a comet. I was a heavy user, PMO sessions of 10 hours, 14 hours PMO’ing to a screen like crazy, at a point I had a lot of pain and physical damage down there after the PMO sessions. One time with my orgasm came out blood! With that kind of usage was unrealistic to be PMO free in one day, I learned. I relapsed 5 times per year on average, with a 300 days streak. Now I’m in 175 and I feel I’m done with it (hope so!).

Gary Wilson (YBOP), r/pornfree, Mark Queppet, and others who share their success stories on YouTube saved my life.

I was living with a handbrake on and now I feel free, Online you’ve all the information and success stories you need to get out of this toxic activity, so toxic that ironically damages what we’re supposed to like, having sex! You just need to get up every time you get down, with the conviction you can do better than this. I know it can be frustrating because you KNOW it’s bad and you WANT to quit but you just keep relapsing, I’m in a 3 YEARS!! journey and continue fighting, is all part of the process. If it hurts, if it frustrates you, you are in the right direction, just get up again.

PIED is better, I’m able to have sex but if I do it often is detrimental so I’ve to let me heal for a while, my biggest dream is to recover the kind of libido I had before this. How long I’ve to pay for past mistakes? Damn. But I accept it, I’ll focus on having a healthy lifestyle.

Marry Christmas to all fighters out there! If it wasn’t for all of you I wouldn’t be here. We need each other, the community help is amazing and we are doing the job most doctors and psychologist can’t do, we should be proud. I’ll always remember, I’ll never forget how it helped me. Peace!

UPDATE – In 30 days I’ll be 1 year PornFree. And is the 1st year pornfree since like 20 years of PMO.

Life is changing big for me, I can see very clear how I was away of life all those years, I was present but absent. I was not using all my potential.

Now I have to face my life problems and NO MORE escaping to Porn, now I have to face problems like a real man, no matter how big the problems. All thanks to you guys, this sub, YBOP. I’ll never forget your help.

UPDATE – 1 Year PMO FREE. Oh yes.

Guess I made it 1 year. My first year PMO free. YSK it’s only a fucking number, my mind now is concerned about my projects and life goals, and one is to stay healthy physical and mentally.

I spend 20 years indulging my reptilian brain, avoiding all discomforts in life, avoiding education responsibilities, avoiding relationships troubles, eating and drinking shit my brain demanded, avoiding exercising because I was tired, etc etc. I’m tired of being lazy, that kind of life for me is no more. I’m giving a 180 degree turn, I will not avoid anything now, I’ll face whatever life put in front of me, I’ll face it like a man, using my brain to find creative and healthy ways to resolve problems, I’ll not be afraid to FEEL PAIN. Because people CAN change, I changed, I’m not the same.

All the passion I had to consume porn I still have it but I use it for healthy projects, I have the same passion but I use it to read books about the world we live in, about my profession, about the human brain and relationships. I want to be a better man, I want to challenge myself and see how far I can go, It depends on me.

And all is thank to this sub, YBOP, YBOP book and videos, I found the answers to questions I was asking myself all my life and showed me the way. I feel love for all of you who are in the same boat, fighting every day like me to stay healthy, fight, fight, fight, take out the gladiator inside you and kill that fucking monster.