Age 36 – PIED 100% cured: So how did I fix my situation?


I’m so happy! I’m 100% cured! To recap, I’m a 36 year old healthy male who had a long history of years of jerking off. I never had anyone to tell me that jerking off was so bad for you and that over time it would make having sex with real women more difficult.

I wound up here because I wanted to get out of the rut of jerking off and started having sex with real women, and once I did start seeking out sexual partners I found that my “tool” wouldn’t stay hard and I couldn’t feel much pleasure or reach a climax.

So how did I fix my situation?

  1. I stopped jerking off and only had actual sex with a real woman to find sexual release. Sexual release with a real woman is completely fulfilling and leaves me fully satisfied unlike with jerking off there is no end and it keeps haunting me to do it again even if I just jerked 10 minutes ago. At this point, I don’t even have the desire to jerk off because sexual plesure with real women overrides pleasuring myself.
  2. When I was having problems going soft, I kept pushing myself to keep having sex even though I was embarrassed. I almost gave up but I kept pushing. I feel this is important to mention. I stuck with receiving oral sex for a while to “prime the pump”.
  3. I started eating watermelon! Researchers say that watermelon contains citrulline which relaxes and dilates blood vessels much like V*** and other drugs meant to treat erectile dysfunction.
  4. I started using lube. Lube makes the world of difference! Lube makes a vagina feel so slick, wet, and moist.
  5. So putting all 4 of those things together over about a 2 month period I now have a sex life and my penis is fully recovered and I stay rock hard.
  6. My penis even looks different because real sex just fills it up swollen with blood and I now have a big vein the size of a straw going down the side of my penis!
  7. In closing, I wish you all the best and I’m glad I found this place so I didn’t have to go through this completely alone.

LINK – I’m Cured!

BY – lucky007