Age 36 – PIED and performance anxiety improving


Found out masturbating at a very young age in prone position, later I started using my hand. Porn usage escalated over the years, first time sex at 23. So much trouble getting erect. ED had plagued me so much, except in long term relationships. I’ve always had bad anxiety when having sex with a new girl, and PMO related ED as well.

NoFap really helps. It makes your dick sensitive again and lets you discover the dominant male inside you that is ready for sex. But it’s not an easy road. Don’t think you’ll be cured in a few short months. It takes a long time to completely rid yourself of your old damaging masturbation habits. Just keep on going, don’t get mad at yourself. We are literally victims of the modern age, using porn when its risks weren’t understood yet.

36 y/o right now. I wouldn’t call myself fully recovered but I made huge steps. I started NoFap first time around 2011. Lots of ups and downs but overall good effects on social skills. My longest streak was 118 days, my dick was really sensitive for a few months.

My ED problems are a mix of PMO issues and also some anxiety issues when I’m with a new woman. I’m rebooting to deal with the PMO cause, and seeing a psychologist to deal with the anxiety issues/depression. Currently 36 days in, seeing a really nice girl and while I had ED problems at first, the sex is improving rapidly. I’m feeling confident and dominant, even though I’m orgasming every week through sex.

So a full reboot can take long, depending on how often you relapse. But just keep on going, again and again. We spent decades messing up our brain so it can take months/years to undo that damage. But similar to losing weight, it’s not a matter of doing a quick fix, but more of a permanent lifestyle change.

My biggest tip: get more social. No use in isolating yourself, that leads to PMO relapses. We need social contact, especially with a nice woman. Meet new people. You will find a gf eventually if you keep on ploughing.


By Morphs_