Age 36 – Social anxiety gone, there is no going back

Since I discovered NoFap last year I can easily say that the impact it has had on my life is breathtaking.

The first streak went to 112 days of hardmode before having sex…the sex was with someone I had only met a few hours earlier that day and didn’t have any soul.. I was an animal and I just had to fuck you know.

Over the 6 following months I fell all the way back to rock-PMO-bottom. It was at that moment when I saw for the first time the glaring contrast between the power of 112 days hardmode and my flat and depleted post PMO self that I became fully aware I had been sitting and living in a hole for the last 25 years.

I’m 36. It was a bit like the men in Plato’s cave. So I began anew and made it to 62 days before relapsing twice in a few hours without porn. I actually began to feel bad while in the middle of the orgasm and the feeling of emptiness afterwards was so profound that I started again right then and there.

That’s 97 days ago. My substantial social anxiety is completely gone.. in short the benefits are just ridiculously good and manifest themselves in a myriad of ways. I am getting more and more convinced that our ‘eyes’ are truly the window into our being and that we see, feel, detect alot if not all by looking into eachothers eyes.. like the real and primary language is the one with the eyes.. silent, brutally honest and crytal clear. Fully unfakeable. The vocal conversation only there to dress up the interaction.

I only knew one world and that was a world of regular ejaculation. Too late but now finally I see there is another world one without ejaculation.. unfathomable at any previous point in my life and also totally unexpected. Who in their right mind would even contemplate voluntarily giving up jacking off to beautiful girls doing all kinds of exiting stuff?

That isn’t to say it has been easy up to this point. I feel like I’m just taking the first steps to recovery. I guess once someone learns about NoFap one is sucked in.. one can’t unsee what has been seen. There is no going back.. my reality of only one world has been permanently changed by a reality now consisting of 2 worlds. The old ways have gotten stiff competition.

There is no going back. As Morpheus said “But if you could, would you really want to?”. The experiences of the last year make it impossible to ignore the blinding light that radiates from this new, hard but valuable alternative world. Thank you!


LINK – 97 times 24h hardmode 

by nowatchnp