Age 37 – Day 30: ED and delayed ejaculation are gone


I started masturbation at a very young age before internet porn. Never had a wet dream. Had a mild(?) case of DE which was ok since I lasted pretty much as long as I wanted during sex and only O in a certain position. Never was able to O from BJs only. I think I was addicted to porn at some point in my life, but I really would say I was rather addicted to fapping.

So without watching porn, I was just fapping a LOT. I have developed an ED during the years that made me not able to get it up to get it in. So I decided to give NoFap a go this time and here’s what I did:

‘No MO’ for 30 days, that’s it. I wanted to do something I knew(?) I could do. Since porn was not really a problem for me I watched porn, but like once or twice in 30+ days.

At around 40 days I had ‘sex with a real woman’. To my surprise my hardness was ok (would not score too high on the Rockwell scale tho ) and to my even greater surprise I came after a couple of mins into it. I was so happy and relieved I could catch the freakin’ space shuttle .

Experiences: When I really decided that I’m doing ‘no MO’, the lil’ guy took a hint and went to sleep after some days of starting out. The same day I started to notice that women check me out all the time on the streets. That did not last too long . I started to work out and diet, but never actually felt to have more energy, but it seem to be so. The lil’ guy came back to life around the 30 days I originally planned for, so it kind of seems that it really is about the mindset. You make a conscious decision to do NoFap and your body will support you.

So I decided to go all in and do ‘no PMO’ for the next 60 days and see what happens. I really want to see if I can get my rock hard erections back, be able to come from BJs and have a wet dream the first time in my life . If 60 days won’t get me there, I’ll do 90 days after that. That’s the plan.

LINK – Day 30 – ED and DE are gone

by BlindHomeless