Age 37 – Day 62: ED cured, desires and intimacy with my wife are back


Sexuality before NoFap:

Relying solely on PMO for release. Not even thinking about discussing the issue with my wife. Being constantly nervous about the PMO habit and feeling bad about it. Not able to maintain an erection or O when with my wife.

Sexuality on Day 60:

Urges for o get strong. Burning fire inside the body, feeling like I am losing my mind.

Sexuality on Day 61:

Instead of turning to PMO for release, I tell my wife about my desires. While she is not ready for sexual intercourse yet, she uses her hand to give me orgasm. This is the first time since 6 years I have an orgasm not by my own but in contact with my wife. Tangible improvement in confidence and view on life since this day.

Sexuality on Day 63:

Being playful in bed, without expectations for o, looking for ways to please her while noticing her bodily reactions. Solid erection throughout the whole time. Having orgasm at the end, feeling great.

Support for Fapstronauts:

Please have a look at My Log if you want to know more about the techniques and strategies I use.

I’m on Day 63 (61 of them in hardmode).

Thank you all for the great support and wise advices. Being part of this community is crucial for my sexual health. The experiences of the past days mean a lot to me. Thank you once again!

LINK – Day 62 – ED cured, desires and intimacy with my wife are back

by InfinitePossibilities