Age 37 – ED seems cured in very short time.

I’m a 37 yo male. I have dabbled with nofap for the past 6 years or so. However, I never took it seriously and haven’t been able to go 5 days without fapping for the past 10 years at least no matter how hard I tried. Finally, i got fed up with it because I have ED when trying to have sex with women, and it’s part of the reason i broke up with my last girlfriend.

I have a Femdom fetish and that affects me when I try to have sexual intercourse. I need to have the fantasy in my mind when having sex and that takes me out of the moment. Sex has always just been a hassle for me because of this, PMO is much easier.

I went 10 days on NoFap with amazing results. I all of a sudden had a huge desire to meet women. I had a friend come over and we had sex (I paid her). I had no problem at all with sexual intercourse, my dick didn’t go soft when we were having normal, missionary sex.

If you’re reading this and you have a sexual fetish that prevents you from having normal sex, just try NoFap for 10 days. You’ll likely be able to have regular sex again like I did.

LINK – 10 Days Of NoFap – Amazing results

by Barrymedellin