Age 37 – First date in months


Will try and sum up my life here. Quit booze this year and made lots of positive changes in my life, cutting out negative things, took up positive things. On way to sorting out finances, sober all year, diet/exercise/weights good at times, overall ok. Quit porn/fap 32 days ago.

However about 3 or 4 week ago it dawned on me that maybe I am mildly depressed and have been for years. Read the book “The Mood Cure”, got some of the supplements they recommended, 5HTP and Saint Johns Wort and they ave helped knock the negativitiy out of me and actually made me want to flirt on Tinder instead of resenting it and it feeling like a chore.

Went on my first date in months, the last one was awful I was very negative and sober and had zero charm. This time I was sober and not negative in the slightest. I didn’t give a shit and was honest with the girl. I’m living abroad so the date was also in my second language. We hugged good night.

Then 2 hours later she sent a text checking to see if I got home alright, knowing this was a good sign I suggested meeting again and she is on for it.

Also at the start of the date her eyes were beaming.

Anyway, all this brings me to how different I felt today. For the first time in months/years I felt like a sexually attractive man. I felt desired. Not quite superpowers, but again for the first time in ages I felt sexually powerful, a sexual threat to women and was looking at girls in a completely different way today. In a good way.

That was definitely because of nofap, on top of the girl showing interest last night. It was/is a great feeling.

Now, after getting the monkey off my back, and having a sober, non deluge of negativity first date I can’t wait to start getting out there dating again.

Keep going gents.

LINK – Day 32, first date in months yesterday, changes today. First nofap benefit,

By MalcolmTucker12