Age 37 – Gay. I’m in shock that I haven’t PMO’ed in 177 days.

I’m in shock that I haven’t PMO in 177 days.

Then again, I do have prescription medication helping me out…. I’m on generic Prozac. All though, it is a pretty low dose that is kinda below the really annoying sex drive killing side effect threshold.

I’m pretty sure that I still have a high sex drive..but, I fap an average of 3 times a month now. I just don’t find masturbation all that exciting. I’m not surprised though, I am 37…. The only reason I was fapping almost nightly was porn.

…. Also, all that energy has been redirected into building friendships with benefits relationships. It’s still hard not just jumping into bed with some new hot guy that really wants to play BUT, it is getting easier. (I also have some erm, physical contact trauma that is probably helping all of this out… I was having sex for years after the trauma but, rarely actually got an erection cause I was a nervous basket case.) —–becoming friends first makes it more likely for them to be willing to help work through the trauma. Fuck, it just makes guys more likely to stick around period instead of having one shag and then disappearing. (Due to either them having intimacy issues, just wanting to conquer another person Or, the sex not being up to their standards. (duh, it’s the first friggen time with someone new… It’s going to be weird and/or awkward and most likely not mind blowing! You won’t know what gets each other off))

LINK – Almost 6 months already?!? Sweet

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