Age 37 – I like this new me, Intimacy with a woman is a 1000 times better than PMO

Benefits Observed: More Confidence, Improved Digestion, Fewer Headaches, Reduced Urges to Pee, Deeper Voice, Gains During Workout, Faster Recovery after Workout, Less Flaky Skin, Reduced Hairloss, …

Frequent Erections, Package (Penis/Balls) feels healthy and fuller, Increased Desire for Real Intimacy with Women.

Today I completed 60 days of NoFap Hardmode. It’s been tough and rewarding. Tough in the sense that NoFap allowed me to see through things that I had put off since a long time. I finally have the courage to come face to face with my emotions.

I am slowly coming out of the false cocoon of addiction and facing life head on. My life is extremely stressful in terms of career/family and being on NoFap has helped me stay the course and make better decisions. If not for NoFap, I would have wallowed in self-pity and sunk deeper in depression.

My urge to look at porn and masturbate has gone down significantly. I credit this mainly to the avoidance of triggers of any form (be it ogling at women’s bodies or looking at pictures/movies of sexual nature or fantasizing about sex). I believe this to be one of the keys to overcoming PMO.

If you don’t feed your brain any junk, it won’t produce any junk. It’s simple in principle: Junk In Junk Out. What you put in is what you get out. I have been doing the same with regards to food, and avoiding junk food as much as I can. I can’t expect to have a healthy body if I don’t nourish it with healthy food.

I am also working out regularly to channel my excess energy in a meaningful way. When I have pent up energy, I get random urges. I work my ass off in the gym intentionally so that I don’t have too much energy left over for urges.

I am single so I plan to continue hardmode until I meet a real woman to be intimate with. I haven’t had any wet dreams yet, and I look at it as a sign that my body doesn’t need a release.

It’s been said that true happiness comes from within, so I am working slowly towards achieving that true happiness. I feel balanced, content, and true to myself. And I like this new me.

I wish you all inner strength and peace. On to 90 days of Freedom! Thank you!

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Internet porn started for me at age 21. I have tried on and off for 10+ years to quit, but got serious once I heard about NoFap about 6 months ago.

LINK – 60 Days Hardmode 37M: Benefits, Tips, Encouragement

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UPDATE – 37M, 90 Days. Journey Benefits/Experience. HardMode Ends. SoftMode Begins.

Hello Friends,

I completed today 90 days of NoFap. I was on hardmode until lastnight when I got intimate with a woman I am dating. As someone mentioned in a post yesterday, intimacy with a woman you connect with is a 1000 times better than PMO/MO by yourself. Having the veil of PMO being lifted means you can be in-tune with all the senses while you are being intimate with that person, and the pleasure is just so much elevated.

During my time on NoFap, I experienced almost all positive benefits that most people on PMO abstinence have mentioned, and increased confidence and absence of self-shaming tops the list.

When I talk about the benefits, I don’t mean to say that I observed all those benefits merely by doing NoFap. NoFap was a means for me to engage in other positive habits, such as exercising, eating right, connecting with friends and family, and appreciating yourself for all the good things you are trying to do. Whilst on PMO, I didn’t have the strength or desire to better myself. I was too busy with self-loathing.

How did I do it? I avoided triggers and sexual fantasizing as much as I could. Perhaps this is why I didn’t have a single wetdream during the period.

For me, whenever I looked at a girls’ body parts with lust, that’s when I snowballed into sexual fantasizing and PMOed. Now, I avoid doing that, and instead I focus on the girls’ beauty by looking at her eyes. Also, whenever my mind starts fantasizing, I immediately kill the thought by thinking about something else non-sexual.

This has been one of the most difficult yet most rewarding journeys of my life, and I plan on continuing this path for ever. For me, my sexual energy is something I only want to share with a woman I am with. That’s how we were meant to be as men, to give our masculine sexual energy in passion to a woman.

Use your sexual energy to become more masculine such as lifting weights to become strong and/or being the best at work.

Someone wise once said ‘a mind is a terrible thing to waste’. Let’s not get wasted away with PMO which only makes us increasingly miserable and takes us away from reality.

Let’s be men once and for all! Let’s reclaim our body and mind, and reclaim our masculinity!

Kick PMO out of your life. Not only will you begin to love and respect yourself more, but also, the woman in your life (now or in the future) will love you more for it.

Stay strong and Good luck!