Age 37 – Not a superhero, just a better man

For the first time since I was 17, I just made a 90 day streak, hard mode, porn free–one I hope to continue the rest of the year.

A short report, mostly out of gratitude for all the help I’ve derived from this group.

It has given me clear eyes, clear mind, clear heart. Made me a better man.

It has made me more “alpha,” in control of myself and my world, rather than under the control of urges. Dominant rather than dominated. Result: more confidence and less fucks given.

It has resolved questions about my sexual identity. I want to write more about this in a forthcoming post, but I’d started looking at gay porn, which really confused me. I realize now that it was just the dopamine craving and reinforcement, and I’m back to noticing and dreaming about girls.

This has taken many years of struggle and failure to make it this far. So I’m humble but hopeful about the future. I do not want to be the dog who returns to its vomit!

LINK – 90 days: not a superhero, just a better man

by jakednewday