Age 37 – PIED cured: Far more content in my marriage. Sexual desires now “mainstream”.

I PMO’d for the last time on 12/21/14. It was difficult at first but got easier over time. I did relapse a couple times and watched porn but avoided touching myself. I got on the NoFap bandwagon for several reasons.

First and foremost were religious reasons followed by the shame I felt when my wife would mention things about me watching porn in snide ways. I knew it was wrong and hurting her but I did it anyway.

It has been quite a year. Not PMO’ing has given me a new perspective on many things. My mind doesn’t wander as much and my sexual desires have become far more “mainstream.” I also stopped viewing women as purely sexual objects and have viewed them with more empathy. I have found myself even praying for prostitutes that I see when I’m out driving around instead of fantasizing about them like I used to.

The best thing that has happened is that I have become far more content with my marriage and my wife is now sufficient to fulfill my desires. I don’t crave “strange” nearly as much anymore and when it does pop into my head I find myself more equipped to simply say “no” and realize that what I have at home is truly a gift and the best thing that ever happened to me. This is coming from someone who, in years past, was a serial cheater on my first wife and obsessed with sex and pornography to the point of losing a job over it and faping several times a day and engaging in high risk behavior with people I barely knew.

It also helped with my PIED and I have been able to stop having to take Viagra.

I’m glad I got on the NoFap bandwagon and look forward to the continued benefits and closeness it is helping to foster in my home life.

LINK – Just passed the one year mark.

by Tacothechihuahua