Age 37 – PIED cured, less anxiety, comfortable in my own skin, disciplined


This is my longest nofap streak yet. Previously, I had made it a few weeks, but that included edging. This time, I’ve been very strict. I don’t touch myself. I notice when the desire arises and I resist. I don’t look at porn. I get annoyed at attempts in the media to gain my attention with sexual content. Prior to this streak, I was concerned about my lack of a sex drive, lack of spontaneous erections, and lack of morning wood.

Those thoughts seem like a distant memory. After a number of days of flatlining, I have a very strong libido. It’s strongest in the morning, and I get plenty of morning wood. I have good energy despite spontaneously waking up very early every day (I’m on my way to the gym at about 6:30 am most days. I feel very positive. I study foreign languages and I’ve had good discipline lately.

I can’t quanitfy quantify all the changes because I kind of forgot how it was before. I remember i was much more anxious in general prior to starting.

I feel more outgoing and comfortable in my own skin. I’ve dated a little bit, and though I still get a little bit of nerves before a date, the fact that I’m even seeking dates with new people and it’s no big deal is a huge improvement. I speak more spontaneously with people. I feel proud about being a guy who doesn’t watch porn.

I feel very good about my appearance. Things are coming together in the gym, and i got a good haircut. I feel really confident.

I’ve had sex a few times with a partner who is a previous on-again/off-again gf. There was no apprehension on my part that my erection wouldnt be strong. I was highly sensitive, but premature ejaculation is always a concern for me and it handle it well.

I remember looking at porn and thinking to myself, “Even though you tell yourself you’re going to quit, here you are looking at porn again. You’ll probably be doing this tomorrow too. You keep intending to stop, but you may be doing this for the rest of your life.” I didn’t like the way my brain woukd light up by just merely engaging in the process of porn viewing, before I’m even looking at content – it’s such a pavlonian thing.

I don’t know what clicked for me this time, but it’s not so hard. Maybe it’s that i got some momentum from flatlining early. Once i had a nunber of days ubder my belt, i needed to keep goign. There have been times where the desire to masturbate is very strong, especially when laying in bed in the morn, but never irresistible.

One thing that started this recent attempt was seeing a post by a guy who did a good job of cateloging the benefits. It got me hyped for it. I’m on mobile, so I can’t locate it now.

I also learned from you guys to not test that my penis still works. My previous nofap attempt, I was genuinely concerned that my penis had stopped working, so I had to watch some porn to make sure I could get an erection. I resisted the desire to “test it” this time.

Will I continue this indefinitely? I don’t wish to look at porn anymore. As for masturbation, I don’t want to get neurotic about not touching my dick. Maybe they’ll be a time in exploring tantra or something and I’ll want to engage in some conscious masturbating. For now, I plan to just restrict ejaculation to times when I’m with a partner, which is sometimes few and far between.

LINK- 37/m here with a 30+ day update

By didwhatnow1