Age 37 – Should have done this years ago, facing my emotions, head held high


I have been struggling with this for over 25 years. In February I finaly decided that that was it. Reading many of the posts from people just starting out increases my determination to keep going. It reminds me of the struggles I went through to get to where I am.

It reminds me that even though I face temptation it’s not as strong as in the begining. Having just found this sub I just wanted to thank everyone posting their experiences for giving me the will to keep going and not get complacent in my journey.

I decided to quit because I needed to become the person I wanted to be. Objectifying others, putting physical pleasure over my own and being controled by something other than myself is not who I want to be.

The benefit at this point is being to hold my head high knowing that I am in control, less guilt, feel better about myself and can learn to know myself. I can now face emotions instead of covering them up with PMO. Oh, I’m 37 by the way. Should have done this years ago.

LINK – Day 222 and just found you guys now

By Bowtieguy123