Age 38 – Insanely more confidence, More energy & focus, More attention from females, Better immune system


All right douche canoes, here we go. I made it to the coveted 90 day mark, Hard Mode. I’ll start with the pros.


  1. More energy. 
  2. Better immune system.
  3. Deeper voice.
  4. Giving significantly less fucks.
  5. Insanely more confidence.
  6. Gave up online gaming.
  7. More focus on work.
  8. Gotten laid three times with little effort (and I’m in my late 30’s btw).
  9. More attention and attraction from females.


  1. Sleep has been rough from time to time.
  2. Always seem to have an excess of sexual energy. Even with working out consistently, it’s still a lot to channel.
  3. Wet dreams happen occasionally. Perhaps three since I’ve started NoFap.
  4. Some nights I’m riddled with temptation, for one or two hours.

I plan on keeping up NoFap indefinitely. I feel like a fucking kung-fu master having this much discipline over my body.

Best of luck to you fuckers!

LINK – My 90 Day Update, Bitc#e$!