Age 38 – Managing life with a different level of energy

I just want to leave a short testimony after reaching the 90 days star. The first month was pretty hard (not to mention the first 2 weeks: flu feelings, strong urges, what I’d really define as withdrawal symptoms).

Then things started getting better slowly. I’ve been through difficult days (lots of travelling, plans of relocating, getting a new job etc) but have been managing life with a different level of energy.

[From an earlier post] I am in my late 30s.

Fapping was a way to face problems, only to end up more frustrated and weaker. The PMO problem HAD been affecting me for more than 20 years. Over the years I’ve been growing more and more aware of its dangers and self destructive potential but only a few months ago I’ve become fully aware of my sexuality.

Just random thoughts I wanted to share with you guys to celebrate this goal. I ‘m so grateful to all of you guys on this Reddit, all the posts have been motivating me on a daily basis, even the comments that seemed to let me down at first turned out to be useful advice on how to keep fighting and winning this daily battle.

Last thing I’d like to tell all of you guys battling it out NEVER EVER GIVE UP especially on those hard days. Do anything else, even if a urge or obsession hits you in the middle of the night, just do anything else and time will help, your new good habits will become your natural life style. I thank each and every No Fapper here and wish all the very very best to all of you warriors!

LINK – Never ever ever give up! (short 90 days report)

by thiisisthelife



Physical benefits:

– deeper voice

– better muscular tone (even without having worked out in the last month!)

– psoriasis disappeared (it had been a yearly problem!)

– better back and neck conditions (always been suffering from back ache and stiff neck)

– better skin (I was told ‘I look younger’ by a professional photographer 2 weeks ago)

Mental benefits:

– no longer any brain fog

– I used to find myself late doing things now I have plenty of time even on busy days/weeks

– positiviy, more optimism; if there is a problem I try to find the solution by defalut

– higher level of sympathy to people in gneral

– no more useless thinking


by thiisisthelife