Age 39 – Better relationship with wife, No longer emotionally dead, Much better erections

Well here I am about 6+ months into the journey and while there have been peaks and valleys it’s been worth the effort. Porn doesn’t have much of a hold anymore nore does it have any appeal. The fantasy is gone and I’m glad to be reconnecting with my wife.

 No more am I effectively dead emotion wise and my life has become alot more full of color.

I can’t tell everything that has changed for me as when you are in the fish bowl it is hard to see but I can assure you that I’m much better. 

I’ve seen health improvements from less stress, greater gains at the gym and reduced anxiety. I use to get chest pains and had been to the doctor’s a few times with no diagnosis but since dropping this they have greatly improved. 

My sexual appetite for my wife hasn’t changed, she always drove me crazy but now I can perform. I’m still working towards a real true natural hard on but it’s coming. My last two interactions with her I could feel the blood pumping and, while they didn’t last, I felt a real partial boner. It’s a little comical and sad but for those who can’t get anything without using your hand I can promise it can heal. I’ve masturbated a few times and now can see that it’s done more harm vs a release, no more. 

I’m happy to answer any questions that come to mind and I hope to expand on this when I can but for now I am almost the stud I want to be.

My wife told me to be a participant not a voyeur, I think we should all do this.

Watched “Hot Girls Wanted”, all us guys should.

I forgot to add that those who seem to have success here also found something in this thread

It’s worth bookmarking for reference. Kill this guys, it’s achievable and winnable.

LINK – What taking time away from porn can do.

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INITIAL POST – My venture

Howdy all!

So I have been lurking here for a few weeks after coming to the conclusion that this has to stop.  I’m 39 but rolling in to 40 sooner rather than later hence joining this area vs the other and I’m looking for thoughts from other similar aged gents.

Little background:  Married with 2 kids.  Employed with a successful career where I make to much for my efforts. Pleasant life all around for the most part.  Limited social network for a variety of reasons, time and a general lack of similar interests as those of my friends.  I formally was a gamer which didn’t help the social situations but in the last year it’s been given up fully.

I’m sure there is more to add.  PMO is done since the first of the month, I had been checking off days on a calendar but feel I don’t need it.  I might add a box to my signature but it’s nothing that I’ll be going back to.  Have told the wife so there is nothing to hide. 

Funny thing is I don’t miss it at all and I’m glad beyond words to have found this site. 

Thanks in advance.