Age 39 – My balls feel like they’re carrying nuclear power

Been on Angelic Monk Mode+ for 120 days now…

Aged 39, no sex for 15 years.

I’ve probably went several years with no P before (like 4 or 5 years)….but never more than 30 days with no MO. Went a good 2 years without P recently 2012-14, but had a couple of binges at the end of last year. Then I found nofap…

The 120 days has been good. Had a single ham-shank about 20 days’ in, I think.


  • No M
  • No P
  • No Alcohol
  • No O
  • Swimming 5 days a week (50-70 lengths)

Now, gonna do the following:

  • No Sugar
  • No bread
  • No negativity

Feel like I’m gonna start flying. Honestly, my balls feel like they’re carrying nuclear power.

Stopping MO is significant imho. Done MO with fantasy since aged 12, and I suspect that this has been killing me for nearly 30 years. It makes you socially awkward.

Peace out, stay strong, beloved.

LINK – Monk Mode +

by jjjfan777