Age 40 – 1 year: I have really learned how to become the man I always wanted to be

Through all the craziness of it all I have learned a great deal about myself what drives me…what is really important.

Who my real friends are, what real relationships are about and how life is better living in the REAL world…even if it is painful…it is REAL. Brother, keep up the good work, the battle is well worth it.

Porn gives you a fantasy world to live in, you want REAL LIFE. Real life – may mean you have to endure suffering, go through “growing pains” of becoming a man…yet in the end it is worth it.

Today is my one year anniversary of no porn, no sex, and no masturbation. I have really learned during this past year how to become the man I always wanted to be. In this journey you will figure out who your real friends are. I am so grateful for my accountability partner from my church whom I have met with every two weeks. Was it depressing? Did I feel like the world was going to end? At times yes… but was it worth it! Would I ever be able to conquer this demon? YES, with God’s help!

Part of it for me was figuring out why I “needed” porn…I thought I “needed” fake intimacy…when you go out and search for it you will be surprised what you actually do find. I am still single but I have good friendships to keep me on track and grounded. I have learned what really is important in my life: prayer, work, physical fitness and getting out of debt. I have worked a good deal on all of these areas, I pray/meditate at least 30 minutes a day, I took on a second job to pay off my debts and I work out 6 days a week and am eating correctly.

I have lost 90 pounds during the past year! I have not been at this weight since I was in Middle School! During this process I learned I need to be able to make peace with yourself and face your inner Balrog demon…then like Gandalf the gray…you will arise as Gandalf the White.

LINK – One year of no PMO, no masturbation, no sex, living REAL LIFE NOW!

by The_Mickster