Age 40 – Gay man: PIED progress. Keep at it folks – this really works!!

Another satisfied NoFap customer 🙂 I have to say this has been much easier than I expected so far. I’ve been fapping to porn since college, and I’ve had problems with ED and DE since my mid 20s which I attributed more to mild use of SSRIs than anything else.

Now I’m in a 5+ year relationship, and the demise of our sex life over the last couple of years has been nothing short of depressing, causing me to question whether monogamy was the problem. Then I discovered this NoFap site…

My experiences have been eerily similar to others. Porn becomes the only way to get off. Erections only happen just before orgasm, and they’ve lost stiffness over time. Fapping without porn is pretty impossible. On the rare occasions when I do have sex, I always need to finish the act myself. As I read more and more, I became convinced I needed to be a dedicated fapstronaut.

I actually found abstaining from PMO pretty easy — checking in regularly here has definitely helped. The flatline was / has been somewhat strange – libido and erections just gone! Steadily over the last week though I felt my libido coming back. I also noticed that, when I would randomly get hard, I would stay hard as my mind wandered elsewhere – exactly what is needed to power through any performance anxiety.

So this weekend I had a successful jerk off session with my boyfriend. I didn’t find it difficult to cum, and I resisted jerking myself. I couldn’t be happier about this. I plan to never look at porn again…the ultimate goal is to never touch my own dick sexually ever again.

Keep at it folks – this really works!!

LINK – PIED progress; 40 yo gay guy

by Bobby0214