Age 40s – Brain Fog cured forever? No more Pixel Paradise!

I’m a 40+ year old single father and I’ve experienced brain fog for the last year and a half. NoFap helped me get rid of it.

TL;DR? Skip to “V-V-V-V BRAIN FOG V-V-V-V” 🙂

After my divorce quite some years ago I got into the habit of going to work, eat diner, have some (more than some..) drinks, watch movies/play games (with or without friends), PMO every other day (when possible), sleep, REPEAT.

During the week I made sure I downloaded as much porn as I possibly could, so that I knew that when the weekend started I could get the maximum Dopamine high. You get very skilled at that. Name any porn star (don’t!) and I can probably give you a description 🙂

This pattern made me stay at home much more often, drained my energy, lost friends because I didn’t care for them anymore and generally made me give up on tasks and goals I used to have. After all, why go out if you can spend hours arousing yourself by collecting the newest/hottest material, preparing it, get yourself in a trance like state using a couple of whiskey’s and finally blasting the roof off? 🙂

The weird thing is that in the workplace I’m very comforable with setting goals and achieving them. I have my finances covered, a clean house and probably the best physique for my age in my social circle.

So what the hell happened to me?

I think PMO has been the result of giving up on love. Even though women like me, I kept saying to myself that it’s OK to be single and don’t need more pain caused by a relationship. On several occasions I had women very interested in me, but I pulled back, probably because I’ve grown accustomed to being alone and even the slightest physical “flaw” made me change my mind. It had to be someone close to what I’ve been feeding my brain with all these years. I’ve conditioned myself to Pixel Paradise and thus drifting away from reality.

Not anymore! Aaaaanyway, back to the brain fog.


A while back I decided to drop the alcohol. For 6 months, not a single drop. It did a lot for my energy, slept better, saved me some money as well. But the fog was still there, either in the background during good days or full force on bad days.

Then I quit sugar for 3 months. Apart from the usual cravings it also had no positive effect on the brain fog.

Exercise. Too tired most of the time, but kept going. It changed my body, but my brain was still giving me the same results.

Vitamin D. Took it for a while, but yet again, no results.

And then it struck me. I realized that in the time frame in which I was dropping all of the stimulants (alcohol, sugar) the bad brain fog days were more frequent. And then I realized that in that period I PMO’ed more frequently. Hey, what’s a guy to do if you take away the things he likes, huh?

Bottom line, there was a clear correlation between PMO and Brain Fog, in my opinion. So I found NoFap, went Hard Mode for a couple of weeks and guess what? No more bad Brain Fog days! Then I deliberately relapsed as a test (full treatment :-)). Next day, Brain Fog!

So, it’s clear to me what I have to do. Stay of the “dope”. And so far, it has given me more energy. Confidence still the same, as I didn’t lack that 🙂 But the biggest reward is being able to think clearly again and being “here” and not “floating through life”.

So if you are experiencing the same feelings, give it a go for a couple of weeks/months.

Well, keep it up everyone, remember that you are a special breed. Willpower over Dopamine!

— btw: this is my first post, so be gentle 😉

LINK – Brain Fog cured forever? No more Pixel Paradise!

by holy-f